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DJ Yoda Smashed It In Notts. Again

30 April 19 words: Caroline Barry
photos: Sam Kirby

DJ Yoda returned to the city for the second year running, much to Caroline Barry's delight...

You know you go to those events where you think, how in the name of god do I describe this?

That’s what Saturday night was.

I’ve spoken before about the guarantee of a good night courtesy of DJ Yoda but this was, even by his standard, exceptional.

The night, organised by Tommy K Events, took place in the Brickworks in Sneinton. A venue that I hadn’t ever been to before but was pleasantly surprised to discover after all these years. I don’t know how many times I’ve wandered around that part of Sneinton and somehow missed the fact there was an entire club down the side of it. The last Yoda event in Nottingham took place in Contemporary in 2018. While the event was amazing (as always) there was something about the Brickworks which added to this night. Sometimes gig energy that can be lost in a larger venue where you are so far back from the action. God knows how, but myself and the girlfriend (who came with me) found ourselves right up the front.

I was curious to see what the event would bring. Yoda to me has always been about gaming and 80s references, so the description of the new sounds and jazz made me wonder if I was going to enjoy this as much as I do the bleeps of Super Mario. But as it turns out, I shouldn’t have worried.

Accompanied by a saxophone, cello and drum kit, Yoda blew me away. While listening to this album is one thing, to experience it played live where you can see the different elements of music coming together was another entirely. Classic music and jazz are not my favourite genres. In fact, they are second only to opera in a list of music I can’t stand. But I found myself just watching and enjoying it immensely as it’s not like any jazz I’ve come across before. I’m sure the rap and DJ elements will have opened the jazz parts to a whole new audience. It was lovely to see the musicians having so much fun with the show. Every time I looked they were laughing, smiling and just enjoying being part of it. Which was great to see.

Also, the performances from Edo G, Eva Lazarus and Joel Culpepper added a fresh and unique sound.

The AV show accompanying the DJ set was incredible. A collection of videos played together and, sound tracked by Yoda, highlighted the effect different music genres have on each other. It also highlighted how much ‘certain’ genres have essentially nicked.  In parts the show felt almost political in statement. Least of all, the video of Theresa May trying to dance, which was popped in at the start along with images of Prince Harry mic dropping. I really don’t see how May is ever going to live those videos down.

I wonder how many in the crowd could stop dancing to take in the video, however? It was impossible for me to tear my eyes off it.  There were some serious bangers dropped in the name of an AV show.

The event has left me with a dilemma though. I don’t know how I am going to be able to listen to the album having experienced that live.

If you get a chance to catch Yoda in his element then do yourself a favour and go.

Tommy K Events brought DJ Yoda to the Brickworks on Saturday 27 May.

Tommy K Events website. DJ Yoda website. The Brickworks website.

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