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The Comedy of Errors

Masked Booksellers ExLibris Return to Raise Money for Charity

25 April 19 words: Rebecca Miller

Imagine turning up at your neighbor’s house, expecting little more than a cup of sugar and a natter about the local goss, only to find that it has been turned into a pop-up book store. That is exactly what the neighbours of Bob and Chris Cann can expect this weekend on their quiet suburban street in Carlton. Presenting: The Masked Charity Booksale. 

For the thirteenth consecutive year, Nottingham shall bear witness to the Masked Charity Booksale, where Bob and Chris will be selling over 15,000 books across a wide variety of genres and topic areas, all the while keeping their faces covered by colourful, intricate masks. 

Bob and Chris, who jointly go by ExLibris, managed to raise a banging £2,176 for local charities last year, adding to an already impressive total of £20,000. This year ExLibris have chosen to raise money for the following organisations:

  • Zephyr’s Centre, a charity based in the City Hospital campus that offers care and support to families dealing with the loss of a pregnancy or the death of a baby or child;
  • Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre, where voluntary visitors help to provide support for those detained at the Morton Hall Immigration Removal Centre; 
  • Sharewear, which provides emergency clothing, shoes and bedding for people living in crisis across Nottinghamshire.

This year’s Masked Charity Booksale commences on Friday 26th April, and shall be opened by Stephen Booth, the award-winning crime writer. The booksale shall then continue to run on 27th April, 28th April, and 29th April, and then, after a short break, shall re-commences on May 3rd, May 4th, May 5th and shall finish on May 6th. The Booksale shall run from 10am until 6pm every day.

Furthermore, at 1pm on April 27th a free informal poetry session shall be given by Dave Wood and Friends as part of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. There will also be the opportunity to buy homemade cakes and for the little’uns to play on the ExLibris Express. Choo-choo!

This booksale caters for those on the hunt for rare editions of classic novels, those wanting to re-stock their library on minimal funds, and anybody keeping an eye out for their next favorite author. With books as cheap as 10p and all proceedings going to several worthy causes it’s well worth taking a family trip to Carlton.

The ExLibris Masked Booksale takes place at 16 Vernon Avenue, Carlton, Nottingham, NG4 3FX. Visitors are invited to bring along a tin of vegetarian food to be passed to the Netherfield Food Bank.

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