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Review: Fortune & Glory Film Club Presents Empire Records

14 April 19 words: Elizabeth O'Riordan

We headed down to the latest screening hosted by the brilliant Fortune & Glory Film Club: Empire Records...

Reminiscent of the ever-growing Secret Cinema, Notts has its own smaller, budget and just as great version. Tucked at the bottom of Hockley in the City Arts building, Fortune and Glory Film Club screen a series of cult classics to their Nottingham followers. This Saturday I was lucky to catch a viewing of the 1995 film Empire Records along with 30 or 40 others in their most recent and sold out event.

Combining a traditional cinema experience with a sense of fun and community, we were greeted with a goody bag full of interactive props and an Empire Records inspired lanyard so we too could work in the store alongside Corey, Gina and Lucas. Some of the crowd were evident fans of the movie, others had never even heard of it. There was a great vibe of silliness as we made our way through the screening, full of drinking games, film-inspired snacks and so many fun opportunities to use our goody bags. My favourite was throwing tiny paper records at the screen every time a character vetoed a song. Admittedly I missed every time.

Talking to fans of the film club, they had nothing but good things to say, stressing how much effort was put into each of these nights by both organiser and attendees alike. They pulled out their phones to show pictures of past events and the outfits they’d created for different films. Some of the previous ones including Shaun of the Dead, The Lost Boys and Ghostbusters. Everyone in the room seemed very happy and very welcoming to anybody new.

The film itself, although unfairly getting only 29% on Rotten Tomatoes, is one of my favourites. Following a day in the life of a record store in Middle America, it’s full of all sorts of quirky characters as they host Rex Manning day and try and save the shop from becoming a chain, full of shouts to damn the man and save the empire.  Spoiler, they manage it. It’s also Liv Tyler at her absolute cutest.

It was a relaxed and wholesome night that bought a community of film and people lovers together. At only £8 a ticket, I can wholeheartedly recommend it as better and cheaper than any chain cinema alternative.

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