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Live Music Review: Luke Sital-Singh at the Bodega

28 April 19 words: Elizabeth O’Riordan

Elizabeth O’Riordan replays the roller-coaster of emotions felt at Luke Sital-Singh’s gig...

Luke Sital-Singh provided a great night of music and unexpected comedy at his Bodega gig; debuting a mixture of old songs and new ones from his recently released album A Golden State. He was awkwardly charming and had the crowd laughing with his constant jokes between tracks.

Keeping in line with the acoustic theme, the two supporting acts were soft, soulful and full of guitar strumming. First up, 19-year-old Shannon St. Clare channelled Birdy meets a less country 2008 Taylor Swift with her songs Best in Me, Someone and If Nicholas Sparks Wrote Us; her voice was sweet and her lyrics, although simple, were well written and full of engaging stories. Following up was Charlene Soraia debuting some of her new album Where’s My Tribe, full of strong vocals and above all, great guitar playing.

The turn out was good for the last night of Luke’s UK tour, big enough to feel exciting but small enough to be comfy and intimate. His music was mainly sad, but thoughtful and hopeful too, resulting in, as he described it, “burning at least 500 emotional calories” by the end of the show. The new songs including Los Angeles, The Last Day and Raise Well were full of musings on mortality, morals and love; sincere, well performed and lovely, I’ll admit to welling up a couple of times throughout the show.

His sound was classically acoustic with a slow pace, emotional subject and a pretty guitar playing behind. The crowd seemed moved by each song and there was a reflective feeling while he played, like everyone related to some of the emotion he was singing about. It wasn’t all serious though and perhaps the most surprising part of the night was Singh’s comedy that broke up each sad song, telling the audience they were allowed to join in even though he doesn’t usually condone that because “you know, I’m the singer” and “you can only join in if you’re good though.”

It all ended in a joke as he played the ‘last song’ which he explained wasn’t really the last song, because singers always come back on stage. He had everyone laughing when he hid behind a comically small plant onstage whilst they applauded, before actually coming back for the last two songs.

As the night finished, I felt like I’d been through a cathartic experience and left feeling dreamier than ever, but also recounting all the best jokes and lyrics with my boyfriend as we walked to the bus stop. I’ve been listening to the new and old albums on Spotify ever since.

Luke Sital-Singh played at The Bodega on Wednesday 17 April.

Luke Sital-Singh's website.

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