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Nottingham Castle

Snap Notts: Wollaton Park

7 April 19 words: Emily Thursfield
photos: Tom Morley

The latest Snap Notts sees our poet and photographer pairing take inspiration from Wollaton Park, a year since their first visit...


I said I would call yesterday

I’ve not text them back in a month

their message unread sits and stares at me

a steady beating drum

every day when I say hi to mum


Remind me this, remind me that

get milk, take it back

When did it get to Friday morning?


That red coat was barely worn but now showers tickle my arms

because I didn’t bring a jacket

when I was running out the door

forgetting to pack the lunch I got up an hour early for


The red soon matches lights on trees

candles burning cinnamon

the chatter doesn’t stop until the wick burns down

the room becomes dark and the thoughts start to drown


I didn’t get the stain out of my dress

or get tickets to that gig

that documentary’s no longer online

and I’m struggling to find the time

Each year we wish for light in our life,

to start the clock again

though it never stops to listen, mind

tranquility is hard to find


The first hand ticks and the second crawls

the third races round in my head

but when the bell tolls and the fireworks fall

it’s apparent that not much has changed at all

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