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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

21 April 19 words: Toby Johnston

Because life is all about that five 'til nine... 

Being Frank: The Chris Sievey Story

When? Until 23 April, 6pm
Where? Broadway Cinema
What? Directed by Steve Sullivan, this 103 minute film details the tragic success of Frank Sidebottom, the papier-mache-headed pop-star alter ego of Chris Sievey. At the time, Sievey had spent a decade with the Freshies and failed to properly make it into the record business. Soon after creating Frank, however, he got a loyal troupe of fans, played concerts around the country, and even had his own TV show. But underneath the mask, Chris Sievey had become a prisoner of his own success. With shots from Sievey’s archives and interviews with fans and family, Steve Sullivan shows the true story of an artist whose story is “stranger than fiction.”
How much? £4.50-£9
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An Evening with Ali Smith

When? Tuesday 23 April, 6:30pm
Where? Waterstones
What? In the Sillitoe Room of Waterstones, “Scotland’s Nobel Laureate-in waiting” Ali Smith, best known for works like The Accidental, Girl Meets Boy, and How to Be Both, will host a reading, conversation, audience Q&A, and signing of the new installment in her Seasonal Quartet, named Spring. This currently unfinished series gives a deep look into current events, whatever’s happening with Brexit now, and division as a whole, through separate but interconnected storylines.
How much? £6
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The Long Walk Back

When? Tuesday 23 April, 8pm
Where? Nottingham Playhouse
What? Right, so think of Shakespeare. Then cross him with the Ashes. Now you’ve got something a tad like The Long Walk Back; a tragic piece of theatre showing the real story behind the fall from grace of England International cricketer Chris Lewis. This play begins with Lewis’ arrest at Gatwick Airport for smuggling cocaine into the UK, and follows his attempted suicide on his first night of a 13-year sentence, before taking the audience on a moral journey from the brink of despair to an utter moral overhaul, mirroring Lewis’ own extraordinary voyage.
How much? £12
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Social Media Marketing for Beginners

When? Starts Wednesday 24 April, 8pm
Where? Sherwood Community Centre
What? Thinking of starting a new business, but don’t know how to get yerself out there? This five-session course can show you how to use social media properly, to advertise your product, and get your dosh-making scheme off the ground! They’ll teach you graphic design, how to get right into your target market, and get you properly dug in to the world of enterprise. Get ready for a whistle-stop beginner’s introduction to marketing and making the most out of this unique opportunity for getting better at business.
How much? £38.50
More info

Aslant Poetry Reading from John Harvey

When? Thursday 25 April, 7pm-8:30pm
Where? Five Leaves Bookshop
What? To belatedly celebrate his eightieth birthday, local-born writer John Harvey will travel home to read from his new poetry collection, Aslant. Though he’s best known for his crime fiction, such as the Charlie Resnick series, he’s written a ton of poetic collections, and used to edit the Slow Dancer magazine. If you can’t make it, don’t worry, the full collection will be published by the Shoestring Press later in the year.
How much? Free
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