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The Comedy of Errors

LGBTQ+ Notts: What's Kicking Off in August?

7 August 19 words: Caroline Barry

Caroline Barry has been gallivanting around Nottingham for all the incredible gay and gay-adjacent events this month...

You guys. Pride has happened.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am currently dying a small death after a multitude of events, talks, films and much more. Pride has always been a bit of a hit or miss with me. While I don’t look forward to it every year, I do go to a few events every year, choosing to spend my time with a small rainbow here or there rather than full blown glitter realness.

This year, I was blown away by how much fun I had. We kicked off the celebrations with a lovely screening of Rafiki by Reel Equality in Rough Trade. I had a blast (and one too many ciders) and it really highlighted the importance of international LGBT+ stories. In particular, those who tell the stories of life in other countries where being LGBT is illegal or punishable by violence.

On a more serious note, the panel talk about Marsha P. Johnson at the Nottingham Contemporary was our next stop. While an empty stomach meant we couldn’t stay until the end, it is vital that events in our pride weekends and weeks allow LGBT+ members a voice where all of us are heard. It’s not always about the party – we must remember that pride was once a riot and a protest. Some of the sponsors of pride parades and makers of gay sandwiches would do well to remember this.

The corporate pink washing this year was at an all-time high. It is important to challenge companies on where their pink pride is coming from and more importantly, where is it going? Which companies support what legislation, and where are they sold? But, all politics aside, the party was legendary.

I have to mention how blown away I was by the effort, talent and work of the DirtyFilthySexy crew. The drag eleganza on offer at Contemporary was amazing. Their shows are always a fascinating display of what’s hot in the UK (and quite often American) drag scene.  There was performances from Rodent, Mary Poppers, Chiyo Gomes and a visit from Anna Phylatic.  My personal favourite was the fantastic shapes thrown by Frieda Slaves.

What goes up though must come down, and the horrific come down on Sunday night from a wine induced stupor was quite something. I’ve never, in all my years of attending pride, ever felt such a sadness that it was all over before. I’ve already made the mental note to request the Monday next year off. I’m not saying it’s a sick day but….

I do however need to welcome some new faces to Broad Street. Gay bars much like buses, all come at once and we have two new additions to the street. No. 27 and Club 96 are our brand new locations along with the newly taken over Lord Roberts. Not one, not two but three new bars! If that still isn’t enough for you then the recent addition of a rainbow flag on the streets of Hockley where you can insta-your-heart-out will surely ease the pain.

You may notice the lack of events for August and September. While I am not one for staying in, apparently the scene is taking a well- deserved pride break with few if no events. Stay tuned though and I promise to post anything I find!

So where am I off to?

Well, for starters I will be taking one small step for lesbian kind and one giant leap for my own relationship by taking herself to Ireland for the first time. But in more local matters, a visit to Drag Bingo is definitely in order on the cards. Also, the launch of X-Cept this Friday at Surface Gallery – an exhibition focusing on the work of nine female and non-binary artists. It’s a vital bit of creative representation, and there will be wine. 

What’s on

22nd- Drag Bingo / Rough Trade / 8pm / £2-5


4th- Talk to us / Making Nottingham safe for LGBT focus group / Broadway / 6-8pm

6th- Spook School / Fan Club / Final Farewell / Rough Trade / SOLD OUT

7th- Scream Queenz / New Foresters / 11:30pm

9th- Broadway / Seahorse + Q&A (Film and panel) / 6pm / £9

13th- Queer Noise Club 2 / Metronome 

15th- Glee Club / Gilded Merkin / 7pm / £15

17th- Drag Bingo / Rough Trade / 8pm / £2-5

28th- DFS VS Haus of Dread / Alberts / £5+


3rd- Cheerbleederz / Fan Club /  JT Soar / £6.50

9th- Grace Petrie / Rescue Rooms / £15.40

26th- DFS Halloween Special

29th- Drag Bingo / Rough Trade / 8pm / £2-5

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