Overheard in Notts

2 August 19 words: Big Baby

We've been earwigging on your lot's conversations...

“Hello? Hello? Oh, it’s you, you f**king tithead.” – Man on phone

Woman: Well, we’ve always been Beeston people, an’t we?
Man: Yes. Seventy years.

“He looks like the gay Antichrist.”

“I am so tired lately, I fell asleep while smoking a cigarette.”

“It’s like Chariots of Fire... all over again.” – A woman dragging three canoes full of kids back to shore on a boating lake

“I don’t do that funeral business no more. Too many people dyin’.”

Girl 1: What's the royal family's last name?
Girl 2: I don't think they've got one... actually maybe they've all got different ones.
Girl 1: Like Meghan Markle.
Girl 2: Or Prince Charles.
Girl 1: I think that’s his first name.

“I can’t walk to Shirebrook with a bag of coal on my back.”

“I could eat a buttered donkey.”

“This bus is so hot, I can feel my eyebrows sweatin’.”

I think he's struggling for money at the moment. His mam buys Bramwell's tomato sauce.”

“...so I dotted that t and crossed that i.”

“I can’t believe I’m getting to meet an internet-famous dog today!”

Man 1: Why you always so angry?
Man 2: I'm not angry... Alright, I'm fairly angry.

“He’s one of those boys that you can’t get feelings for because you know you might get chlamydia.”

Woman 1: What do vegetarians eat for breakfast?
Woman 2: Haven’t you ever heard of Weetabix?

“I bet he’s the kind of person who eats bacon sandwiches at lunch time.”