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Lost City

5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

14 December 19

The latest sounds from the Nottingham vault...

susan reby 
Spit on It (EP)

A big vocal sound with tender and heartfelt bell-like drones, disorientating basslines and melancholy chords. These are thoughtfully constructed pop songs, purposefully entangled with unease and focusing on self-expression as priority. At times haunting, at times like blossom swirling, susan provides ethereal layered melodies and harmonies, gazing upon personal stories. Using fearless experimentation in the music, there are many contrasts throughout this unique EP. You need to want to be enveloped in the disharmonic abstraction. Fiona F

Giant Head / Daphnellc 

The debut collab of Nottingham’s unsung heroes of experimental electronica. With Giant Head favouring rap and Daphnellc creating dancefloor orientated sounds, they may seem different but similarities are apparent; both are loop-heavy, building up using sophisticated layers, without a chorus in sight. Giant Head’s Bug offers a new take on rap, presenting a looming melody with Cantaloupe’s vocals forming the heartbeat that holds it together. Switch to Daphnellc’s track and you’ll find jittering 808 and 909 drums, peppered with cosmic bleeps. Eileen Pegg

Distant Blue

Just ahead of a hometown gig at The Bodega, alternative pop-punk rockers Distant Blue release debut EP MYMINDISOUTOFME. Showcasing five moody but melodically infused and riff-centric tracks, layered thickly with distortion and feedback, they create an expansive guitar sound. Aggressive beats and a thick bassline provide a stalwart rock backdrop to vocals that seamlessly switch between chantable and catchy to dark and introspective throughout the record. Catch this four-piece live for the unfiltered mosh experience. Max Leathers

Witches Mark 
You Can’t Take Pictures of the Moon (Album)

Fervid and fiery, powerhouse two-piece Witches Mark fuse punk and blues in a wholly unexpected way. Enter their first full-length album You Can’t Take Pictures of the Moon, with opener Fools Sold a swaggering vocal voyage teasing the frenetic scope of the album. Stained with punk spirit, rascals Emma O’Neil and Tom Hooley blaze their way through this album, with the drumming on whirlwind Grandpa’s Dog and frantic hooks on Gun driving us especially wild. Becky Timmins

Mimm x LUSTY ARTS (Various Artists)
Universal Lovers 

Mimm is known for nurturing talent and here is a prime example, joining a fresh creative crew to showcase its sound via a fifteen-strong release. LUSTY ARTS comes from Coffee Club, who you’ll have heard on Mimm’s previous record, favouring distorted beats that drip slowly into your eardrums rather than firing straight in. Beatbaby, Franky Bones, Jeff Lebowski and more are featured. It’s electronic hip-hop, funk, psychedelic and maybe even shoegaze-inspired too a unique insight into the future sound of Notts. Eileen Pegg

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