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A Goodbye From Our Outgoing Arts Editor…

31 December 19 words: Alex Kuster
illustrations: Carmel Paints

Our wonderful Art Editor is hanging up her easel and beret, after two years of doing a marvelous job…

They say all good things must come to an end, and in this case they are absolutely correct. Alas, my time has come, to hand in my feather quill pen and bid you all a very fine day. 

My LeftLion journey has been wonderful ever since the day the sneaks asked me to be Art Editor in 2017. I was a gallery frequenter but very lacking in the lingo and, to be honest, I felt as though I was not the right woman for the job. But you know what you’re supposed to do in times of doubt? Fake it ‘til you make it, baby. I took it upon myself to try and make Nottingham’s art scene accessible to all – one shoddy review at a time, written in the most unknowing, un-technical lingo going. 

During my time here, I’ve met some fantastic people. I’ve seen some very weird things, and some very weird art. I’ve interviewed some very interesting people: historians, Olympians, graffiti artists, photographers, trash to treasure-ers. I’ve done a magazine takeover on sustainability. It’s been real good. 

But the thing about art is that you don’t need to get it. You don’t have to like it. You can just stand there, look at it and try to feel something. You might look at an abstract shape at the Contemporary and be reminded of something you drew as a child. You might walk through the New Art Exchange, see a photo of a riot and feel sad and angry with the system. You might watch an installation at Chaos Magic and see a freaky Paegan headpiece and feel scared. The point being, you’re letting the obscure in. Nottingham’s art scene will continue to change and thrive, and we’re so lucky to have so much in one little city. 

You’ll still see me around though, having a gander. Thank you all for putting up with me for the past few years. Stay weird! 

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