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Lost City

Name Sakes: Nine Notts Residents Who Share Their Names With Celebrities

13 December 19 photos: Fabrice Gagos & Tom Morley
illustrations: Fabrice Gagos

All of the name, none of the fame. We delved into the lives of nine Notts' residents who share their monikers with the rich and famous...

Lisa Simpson

Name: Lisa Simpson
Date of birth: 25/10/1974
Location: Forest Fields
Job: I help run a small hydroponics shop, after spending my younger years studying Ancient History and Geology
Best known for: Being laid back, chilled, fun and spontaneous. Most days, anyway...
Style: According to my kids, I dress like a “cool mum”
Catchphrase: Less of a phrase, more of a “leave me the f*** alone” face! 
Biggest achievement: Raising three children, and becoming a grandparent last year. Also, being alone with King Tutenkhamun in his tomb in Luxor
Biggest regret: Not saying I love you more when it mattered
Fun fact: I once stole a large tree fossil from a local quarry and dragged it all the way home. I still have it

Name: Lisa Simpson
Date of birth: May 9th
Location: 742 Evergreen Terrace, Springfield
Job: Student, hall monitor, babysitter 
Best known for: Vegetarianism and environmentalism
Style: Independent, geek chic, orange dress, white pearls
Catchphrase: “I’m going to my room”
Biggest achievement: Becoming a member of MENSA with a 159 IQ at the age of eight
Biggest regret: Not choo-choo-choosing Ralph Wiggum
Fun fact: Lisa once campaigned for Cornish independence during The Simpsons’ alternative Christmas speech

According to Google, I even have the same middle name (Marie). I also learnt to play the saxophone at school. My kids still play that ‘Lisa it’s your birthday’ song on my birthday. I love that tune!

James Dean

Name: James Byron Dean
Date of birth: 08/02/1931
Location: Park Cemetery, Fairmount, Indiana
Job: Actor, heartthrob 
Best known for: Rebel Without a Cause
Style: Smoldering teen rebel
Catchphrase: “Nah it’s cool, I’ll drive”
Biggest achievement: Becoming the first actor to receive a posthumous Academy Award nomination for Best Actor
Biggest regret: Not getting the bus
Fun fact: Despite being dead since 1955, James Dean’s estate still brings in almost £4 million a year

Name: James Dean
Date of birth: 07/02/1986
Location: Draycott (formerly Breaston)
Job: Personal trainer
Best known for: Weight training, CrossFit and my overactive imagination. I’ve also written a book which I hope to sell one day
Style: More inspired by Steve McQueen’s retro sixties style, especially with clothing and cars
Catchphrase: “There is no spoon”
Biggest achievement: Losing a ton of weight with the help of David Kingsbury, the guy who trained Hugh Jackman
Biggest regret: Not getting into the fitness industry sooner
Fun fact: I once chatted to Jeff Goldblum about fashion backstage at a TV show

Sharing a name with one of cinema's most famous rebels has been nothing but constantly interesting. Almost every day someone will mention it, or sing Daniel Bedingfield lyrics at me

Will Smith

Name: William (Bill) Smith
Age: 69
Location: Bread and Lard Island
Job: Taking showbusiness jobs that no-one else wants
Best known for: Promiscuity, nudity and drugs
Style: My furniture is from the time of gas-lighting, with a touch of Clarice Cliff
Catchphrase: “Thank you for cuming!”
Biggest achievement: Being shot (both filmed and killed) in Secret Army, and my career going the same way
Biggest regret: Putting up with homophobia in Selston for forty years
Fun fact: Thinking I was the other Will Smith, I was once asked to present the MOBO Awards in 1996

Name: Willard Carroll Smith Jr. 
Age: 51
Location: West Philadelphia, born and raised
Job: Actor, rapper, producer, writer
Best known for: Pretending to work in Boots, apparently in Notts. No one remembers why
Style: Chillin' out, maxin', relaxin', all cool
Catchphrase: “Aw, hell no”
Biggest achievement: Receiving two Oscar nominations for Ali and The Pursuit of Happiness
Biggest regret: Jaden 
Fun fact: Became a millionaire before the age of twenty

“When I get fan-mail from his European fans, I reply with my photo and biography. I once sacked an agent because he asked me if I was black”

Liam Gallagher

Name: Liam Gallagher
Location: Formerly Aspley, now London
Job: Work in Architecture
Best known for: Probably my name. It’s definitely iconic and difficult to forget
Style: Casual workwear
Catchphrase: “It’s alright”
Biggest achievement: Gaining a Masters Degree in Architecture
Biggest regret: Not learning another language
Fun fact: I was born a month before Oasis’ debut album was released

Name: “Liam” William John Paul Gallagher
Location: Burnage, Manchester
Job: Singer, gobshite, semi-professional lad 
Best known for: Singing, until his more-talented brother decided to take over
Style: Bucket hats, parkers, Stan Smiths, Pretty Green. It’s 1995 somewhere
Catchphrase: “As you were”
Biggest achievement: Living past the age of 30
Biggest regret: Living past the age of 30
Fun fact: Once claimed to be the reincarnation of John Lennon, despite being eight when Lennon was killed

I once entered a competition to see Morrissey live and won. The indie magazine running the comp said it wasn’t because of my name, but we all knew it was. I suppose it saved me a couple of hundred quid

Tom Jones

Name: Sir Tom Jones MBE
Date of birth: 7/06/1940
Job: Singer, Coach on The Voice
Best known for: Belting out ballards and wooing women
Style: Full-throated, robust baritone and Welsh knicker-magnet. Kinda sexy, kinda creepy and kinda looks like Max from The Tweenies
Catchphrase: “I’ll sing songs about beating women if I bloody well want to”
Biggest achievement: Sleeping with over 250 women in a year, all while being married to his long-suffering wife
Biggest regret: Katherine Berkery. Enough said
Fun fact: Jones became a tax exile in 1974, moving into Dean Martin’s old Los Angeles’ mansion. He later sold the house to Nicholas Cage

Name: Tom Jones
Date of birth: 02/11/1995
Location: Mapperley
Job: Web developer at webdna
Best known for: Bespoke web development and buying Jägerbombs
Style: Quite casual, always jeans with hoodies and baggy t-shirts
Catchphrase: “‘Spoons?”
Biggest achievement: Graduating from Nottingham Trent University
Biggest regret: Not paying more attention in Inglish lessons
Fun fact: I can lip read and neck a pint in under two seconds

It could be a bit annoying when I was a kid, but now I'm older I own it. It's not unusual to share a name with Tom Jones. I'm just glad I don't know anyone called Delilah as that could spell trouble

Michael Caine

Name: Michael Kane
Date of birth: 04/10/1992
Location: Mansfield Woodhouse
Job: Student and Photographer
Best known for: Most people know me as a photographer, but I'm also known for my love of music
Style: Somewhere between music nerd, skater and art student and generally just a bit of a goofball
Catchphrase: Either “uhhh.... maybe?!” or “that would make a great band name!”
Biggest achievement: Line-managing a graduate intern for eighteen months and watching them develop and thrive professionally
Biggest regret: Probably that I didn't pursue music seriously, earlier. But hey, I'm doing it now!
Fun fact: My middle name rhymes with my last name. 10 points if anyone can guess it and spell it correctly first go

Name: Sir Michael Caine CBE 
Date of birth: 14/03/1933
Location: Rotherhithe, London
Job: Actor, producer, author
Best known for: Zulu, The Italian Job, Miss Congeniality
Style: Thick-rimmed specs, cockney accent. Gentleman with a rough side
Catchphrase: “I never bloody said ‘Not a lot of people know that’”
Biggest achievement: Being the personification of British sartorial elegance since the sixties
Biggest regret: Voting for Brexit, fudging his taxes and Austin Powers 3
Fun fact: Once released his own compilation of chill-out music, titled Cained, in 2007

When I was at school the requests for that line from The Italian Job used to get a bit annoying, but I learned to see the funny side pretty quick

Andrew Lincoln

Name: Andrew Lincoln
Location: Formerly Bramcote Moor
Job: Relief chef
Best known for: Having the largest feet in my year at school
Style: Relaxed and homely, casual and approachable
Catchphrase: “The journey is always more exciting than the destination”
Biggest achievement: Getting married to my best friend and life partner in New Zealand
Biggest regret: Not being able to work with a hangover 
Fun fact: I'm a qualified underwater rescue diver

Name: Andrew James Clutterbuck Lincoln
Location: London 
Job: Actor, Sheriff, disappointed father to Carl
Best known for: Being the only member of The Walking Dead to know when to jump ship
Style: Rough and ready, occasionally soppy
Catchphrase: “Corrraaaalll”
Biggest achievement: Surviving the zombie apocalypse
Biggest regret: Making a proper tit of himself in front of Keira Knightley’s house with those cards. Bit extra that, mate
Fun fact: Lincoln’s father-in-law is Ian Anderson, the fluatist and vocalist from Jethro Tull

It doesn’t come up too much - only from the hardcore Walking Dead fans. I get asked more about being Andrew Lincoln from Lincoln

Chris Pratt

Name: Chris Pratt
Date of birth: 22/10/1995
Location: Clifton
Job: Works for car rental company in the West Midlands
Best known for: Sharing the same name as Chris Pratt! 
Style: As comfortable and chilled out as possible
Catchphrase: “Shall we order food?”
Biggest achievement: Surviving on my own after moving out
Biggest regret: Getting the small bargain bucket instead of the large one at KFC last week
Fun fact: Up until two years ago I believed I was the baby in the Teletubbies intro

Name: Christopher Michael Pratt
Date of birth: 21/06/1979
Location: San Juan Island, Washington
Job: Actor and uncomfortably devout Christian
Best known for: Playing Star-Lord in Guardians of the Galaxy
Style: Once schlubby, now stylish
Catchphrase: “If you need a mildly amusing, but mostly mediocre leading man, holla at me”
Biggest achievement: Bagging Anna Faris
Biggest regret: Working as a daytime stripper after leaving college
Fun fact: Before finding success as an actor, Pratt was homeless in Hawaii

Sharing a name with Chris Pratt has certainly opened doors for me, and I’d like to thank him for that. If I ever met him, I’d buy him a drin

Ricky Hatton

Name: Richard Hatton
Date of birth: 11/10/1992
Location: Mapperley
Job: Mathematician at the University of Nottingham
Best known for: Enjoying a pint of real ale
Style: Mostly comfortable. I wear a lot of black jeans
Catchphrase: “I’m game”
Biggest achievement: Having a conversation with Prince Phillip
Biggest regret: Not taking advantage of my time off during the summer whilst an undergraduate to go travelling
Fun fact: I have played rugby for Paviors RFC for over 20 years

Name: Richard “Ricky” John “The Hitman” Hatton
Date of birth: 6/10/1978
Location: Stockport
Job: Retired boxer
Best known for: Almost beating Floyd Mayweather Jr. Almost
Style: Rough, raucous, sometimes fat
Catchphrase: “Who are ya?”
Biggest achievement: Defeating Kostya Tszyu in June 2005 and launching himself onto the global stage
Biggest regret: Not keeping his cool against Mayweather
Fun fact: Both Ricky’s father and grandfather played for his beloved Manchester City

When I was younger virtually everyone I met would point out that I shared the same name as the boxer, which was annoying as I knew. But now he is retired, the link is very rarely mentioned

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