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The Comedy of Errors

Art Review: Sound Image at Surface Gallery

6 December 19 words: Adrian Shaw

Our Adrian went along to see the marvellous work of four artists, who are all inspired by music...

Sound Image does what it says on the tin. The four artists produced abstract works and geometric grids portraying and examining these spaces and structures produced, or modulated, under the influence of music and sounds.

Each of the 20 individual works showed wide variety, but can be viewed and grouped as: ‘Harmonograms’ – layered geometric ink on paper drawings, ‘Infragmenta’ – layered painted hand-cut papers or fine-line geometric drawings, and ‘Dispersal Drawings’ – acrylic ink and fluorescent paint marker layered on clear Perspex sheets. The latter is 3-D work, with plastic sheets of abstract images, one-before another in separated layers, all on a wooden base. I liked the fact that light passing through revealed the whole construction as one.

Katya Kvasova’s work features figurative mixed-media strong images of women on paper. Jane Walker’s work is also dynamic, with ink-brushed abstract shapes of buildings, plans of cities and institutions on recycled paper. 

All these works must be viewed as responses to the played sound – as crystallisations and modulations of structures or subjects in colours and shades. Here, aesthetics meets and collides with physics, light and sound in every way. They are visualisations or conceptualisations of objects, figurative or abstract. Their colours, shades and shapes beautifully mix with the effects of applied sound, pitch, vibration, and music.

Go and take in this extraordinary show. Visit, enjoy, appreciate, and perhaps even learn...

Sound Image is exhibiting at Surface Gallery until Saturday 7 December.

Surface Gallery website

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