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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

8 December 19 words: LeftLion

Because life is all about that five 'til nine... 

The 1UP Video Games Quiz

When? Tuesday 10 December, 8.45pm
Where? Broadway Cinema
What? Do you know your GameCube from your GameBoy? Your Zelda from your Link? Your… Yes, we think you get the idea. If you fancy yourself one of the gaming sort, put your skills to the ultimate test in this quiz. There are prizes up for grabs, including cinema tickets and games, so its all to play for. Hop in your Mario Kart down there and aim for 1st place. There’s also a bonus prize for the best name, so get yer heads scratchin’ now. We’re thinking Super Sonic LeftLion Ringmasters for us. Okay, maybe do better than that. 
How much? £1 per head 
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When? Wednesday 11 December, 10am - 8pm
Where? YMCA Gym
What? Dust off yer sparkliest Spanx and strap on yer dancing shoes - it’s time to get yer Zumba on. All day there will be Zumba classes that you can take part in, to help raise wonga for the good folk at the YMCA hostel. You can dip in and out of classes or even do the whole hog, but no matter what, you can know in your soon-to-be-sweaty heart you’re doin’ something loveleh. Plus, you can feel a wee bit better about yourself before you scoff on Christmas scran. It’s a win-win, basically.
How much? £3 for members, £5 non-members
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Barbershop Christmas

When? Wednesday 11 December, 7.30pm - 9pm
Where? Abdication Micropub
What? Don’t stick around Sainsbury’s for yer bog-standard carolers. Instead, head down to the Abdication Micropub, as they’re hosting the only - and by default best - male barbershop chorus in Nottingham. They’ll be beltin’ out four part harmonies while singing their own repertoire as well as festive tunes. As well as all the loveleh ales the pub has on offer, they’ll also have mulled wine, sarnies and mince pies for the chompin’. Songs in yer ears, food in yer belly - what more could you want from a December evening? 
How much? Free 
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A Jazz Christmas Carol

When? Thursday 12 December, 7.30pm - 10.15pm
Where? St.Giles Church
What? You ever wanted to see Scrooge with a sax? This musical rendition of the classic tale will have your toes tapping big time. It’s the brainchild of multi-award-winning musician Alan Barnes, and he’ll be joining the Nottingham Jazz Orchestra to put on the barnstorming show. The key roles are played by instruments, so you know it's gonna be summat you’ve never seen before. The jazz suite will swing you through the story, accompanied by readings from Dickens’ story as well. With the magic of jazz you’ll feel all the emotions of the story, and get well engrossed.
How much? £10
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Exploring Subplots

When? Thursday 12 December, 7.30pm - 9pm
Where? Nottingham Writers’ Studio
What? When you’re writing a story, sometimes it can be difficult to focus on the other characters that ain’t your main guys with the main plot. This workshop is all about how important they are and how you can integrate them into your novel to make it more fleshed out. The whole thing is presented by Megan Taylor, who is an author based in the city. She’s had five of her books published, so you know she’s gonna know what she’s on about. If you’re feelin’ this writer feel or just are even looking for a new way to get some inspiration, this is worth popping along to.
How much? £13 NWS members, £19 general admission
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