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Lost City

The Thompson Brothers on 2019, New Year and The Election

3 December 19 interview: LeftLion

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

Reflections on 2019
Our little business turned 40 years old this year. It’s especially remarkable when you consider that we’re both only just the wrong side of forty ourselves. It’s very strange. We’ve had a marvellous year though and it’s lovely to still be working together after all this time.

Christmas plans
We’ll be at home visiting our father on Christmas day. Then we’re going for a few days to the Black Mountains in Wales. Wasn’t that a tune in the sixties? Last year we bought each other half a crate of champagne each. This year we’re not sure. But we’ve ordered ten dozen pairs of socks from a British manufacturer, so maybe we’ll just give each other half of them each.

New Year’s Eve
We’re going to stay out late and party this year. We’re planning to go for a few drinks in town, then see in New Year in the Market Square. Then we’ll go on to a house party. We always used to do New Year’s Eve in the Square when we were younger, but it’s something we’ve not done for a while now.  This year we’re going for it.

Election on 12 December
We want to vote for the party who agrees to put two Sundays in the week and extend it to eight days. Sunday is the only day we close the shop and it’s never quite enough. Everything goes a bit too quick before Monday morning starts again. It’s no good putting another day in there instead of Sunday as we’d still have to open the shop.  And no one ever really knows what day it is, anyway.

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