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Confetti - Your Future

City Stylin #10

22 February 19 interview: Bridie Squires
photos: Tom Morley

We searched high and low for the most stylish of Notts heads with summat to say...


“I've worked in this area for the past twenty years. I was at a bearings company, and I was one of the last barmaids at Pegger’s before it closed down. I started working for Caroline who owns this café [The Avenues]. There was a fire, so it moved to that corner [Blend] when it was Tasty Bites, then to where the Sneinton Shop is. Now it’s back here.

I saw the hustle and bustle of the old-school days round here. At first, when they came in with all the changes and killed the market off, it felt deserted. But you can feel it coming alive again.

This building used to be a part of the wholesale market, that's why it's got bananas on it. When I was young and used to go out at night, I’d get all my veg for the Sunday on the way home.

All the staff here are lovely. I've always liked working with people. I just treat everyone how I want to be treated. I don't like nastiness and I would rather walk away from it.

Down here, it's full of nice people now. It's had its days when, maybe, not so much.

Anyway, I hope you've got your filters on that camera, cos I've got a bleeding cold. Or should I say ‘code’?”



“I've just took my sister back to the coach station. While I was in town I thought I'd have a look around the shops. I've always lived in Nottingham. I've seen some changes. Don't watch your face, I've got five grandchildren!

I trained as a counsellor, and I’m thinking about teaching it now. I've worked with all sorts of people in the past. Domestic violence, homeless, the council, the government... They're funny, aren’t they? They're not in the real world, they're really not. What they doing with this Brexit thing? It ain't gonna work. They've sold everything off! We don't own nowt! It's a crying shame.

I'm into my politics, and I'm passionate about it. Nobody should be starving. Nobody should be homeless.

You've just gotta open your eyes. The greatest thing is to know. What you've done and what you've implemented, nobody can take that back from you.

I've done jobs up here, and jobs down there. Don't forget where you're coming from.”

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