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Small Food Bakery Source All Their Ingredients From Local Suppliers

27 February 19 interview: Alex Kuster

Based inside Primary Studios, Small Food Bakery sells artisan produce to the Hoodtown masses. All ingredients that go into their loaves, pastries and treats are bought directly from local farmers, ensuring both small food chains and good community vibes. Our Alex Kuster had a word with chief baker and maker, Kimberley Bell…  

What is Small Food Bakery and why did it start?
The bakery was conceived to explore ideas around what a sustainable food production and retail system might look like, without becoming part of the global commodity markets. Five years down the line, we’re putting it into action. We buy almost all of our ingredients from farms that are working regeneratively and we operate in an open kitchen, selling our produce directly from the workbenches and communicating what we learn.

What did 2018 bring for Small Food?
It kept us on our toes. So much has happened. We made some brilliant connections with farmers and attended some inspiring events. We went to Slow Food Terra Madre in Turin, presented our work at an international conference in Bologna and hosted UK Grain Lab.

Can you tell us a bit about the UK Grain Lab?
UK Grain Lab is an event conceived to bring together farmers, millers, bakers, academics and scientists to explore how we can create an alternative grain economy in the UK. This year we welcomed over 150 people to Nottingham to bake, demo, teach, talk, and listen. People came from as far as Tasmania and Canada.

Do you have any recipes for utilising leftovers and not letting things go to waste?
My best advice is to ignore recipes. They’re so prescriptive. Just check what food you have that needs to be eaten and find a simple way to cook it that is satisfying. One of my favourite things to make is bubble and squeak: odd bits of veg gently fried, bound with a bit of mash potato or rice, with salt and spices... even better with a fried egg on top!

Small Food Bakery, 33 Seely Road, NG7 1NU. 0115 924 4493

Small Food Bakery website

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