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Live Music Review and Photos: The Dead South at Rescue Rooms

11 February 19 photos: Richard Davies
words: Richard Davies

We headed down to Rock City to watch out Del Suelo and The Hooten Hallers support The Dead South...

The Dead South rolled into town on Friday night, to play to a packed Rock City. Having played the Rescue Rooms in 2017 the band rose to fame this side of the Atlantic from their hit YouTube video for their song In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company. Formed back in 2012, The Dead South are a Canadian folk-bluegrass musical ensemble based in Regina, Saskatchewan consisting of Nate Hilts (vocals, guitar, mandolin), Scott Pringle (guitar, mandolin, vocals), Danny Kenyon (cello, vocals) and Colton Crawford (banjo).

Bringing to life the aesthetic feel of the old western frontier with their fast picking style and lyrics about hard drinking and tobacco chewing, the band has grown to stands on its own merit in the folk world. However, the band also bring a kind of gritty punk ethos to the traditional bluegrass band music. With a smart, unique image, the band have a commanding stage presence.

The crowd, a mix of Dead South fans and those new to the band, were thoroughly entertained, enjoying hits from 2014’s Good Company such as In Hell I’ll Be in Good Company and The Dead South, and from 2016’s Illusion & Doubt such as Boots.

Ably supported by long time collaborator Del Suelo (Erik Mehlsen) and the amazing The Hooten Hallers, a three piece high-energy blues, soul and rock and roll band known for their gritty Americana roots music from Missouri.

A night that will live long in the memory for many fans present.

The Dead South, supported by Del Suelo and The Hooten Hallers, played Rock City on Friday 8 February 2019

Rock City website

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