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Live Music Review: Broken Witt Rebels at Rescue Rooms

10 January 19 words: Matthew Williams

We went to Rescue Rooms to check out Broken Witt Rebels and Reef at Rescue Rooms...

Forming in Birmingham in 2014, bluesy rockers Broken Witt Rebels have evolved considerably since their humble beginnings. The band claim that they merged their variety of influences to create their distinct sound.

All the band’s studio output and live performances have been praised by critics, and they’ve been described as the “Brummie Kings of Leon”, which they don’t see as a bad thing.

I personally see the band to be much more than this. Their sound is blues-influenced, with singer Danny’s vocals being the most obviously accredited to. At the Rescue Rooms gig, he went from sounding like a cowboy from the Deep South of the US to thanking the audience for coming out early, in his high Brummie accent. Quite the contrast. All the other members would only emphasise this blues style more by playing thumping, slower tempo, gritty rock that saw a huge show of admiration from the audience.

The band were supporting nineties rockers Reef on the tour, who showed the band how they do it in the big league.

Broken Witt Rebels blistered through their short set but left a huge impression on the Nottingham crowd, a better impression us lot left on them last time they played here, when they saw a fight while they were unloading kit.

With the band gaining momentum, it wouldn’t surprise me if within the next few years Broken Witt Rebels are sharing similar success to modern rock superstars Rival Sons and The Temperance Movement.

Broken Witt Rebels supported Reef at Rescue Rooms on Saturday 8 December 2018

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