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TRCH David Suchet

City Stylin' #9

7 January 19 interview: Bridie Squires
photos: Tom Morley

We took to the streets to find some of Notts' best dressed...

“I’ve had my teeth like this since I was about fourteen. I had more, but me and my missus had an argument and she threw most of them down the drain. I got them done at Grillz 4 U. Mine didn’t cost as much as Rihanna’s did. Hers are iced out; they’re probably worth about twenty grand or summat. Mine are worth a couple of grand.

Today I’m Christmas shopping for my kids… and dodging coppers. Haha. Nah, I’m just seeing what’s about.

I’m originally from Southend-on-Sea but I’ve lived here most of my life. I moved here for a change, for an opportunity, and now I can’t move out the spot! I got put away for four years, and now I just think f**k the government.

You go around this town centre and see people on the floor. Why don’t they build houses for the homeless? Nah, they take our money and raid our houses. They’d take all of it if they could. Sh*t happens though, innit.”

G Man

“I generally just have a flick through my wardrobe and pick out what feels right that morning. I don’t put much thought into it, really.

Whenever I’m wearing this coat, my friends tell me I look like I’m about to drop the hottest mixtape of the year. Careful, or I might spit some bars for you.

I’m just about to meet a friend for dinner at Coco Tang. They do amazing tofu there.

I eat everything. Nottingham is great for tapas. There’s been a nice influx of little pizza places recently too. I love proper, Italian-style Napoli pizza. Not Pizza Hut!

I actually ran a food blog called A Pizza You Can’t Refuse which was a bit of a mashup of The Godfather and that good, dough-based stuff. By day, I work for a healthcare supplier company just down the road, in the finance department. Apart from that, I just spend most of my time eating.”


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