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Help The University of Nottingham Create a Hoodtown Themed Periodic Table

29 January 19 words: LeftLion

Tuesday 29 January marked the beginning of the international year of the Periodic Table, and the University of Nottingham are planning on celebrating in true Notts style…

UoN’s Research Professor of Chemistry, Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff, is already famed for his popular YouTube series, where he explores each periodic element in all its glory. But spreading his knowledge to us mere mortals was not enough; as we approach 150 years since of the creation of the chart by Dmitri Mendeleev, Martyn launched a campaign to mark 2019 the international year of the Periodic Table.

After getting approval by the UN and UNESCO, he was able to mobalise government support for national chemical societies across the globe. “The idea caught people’s imagination and a bottom-up push was enough to ignite widespread enthusiasm” says Martyn. “Now, with this support, chemists at all levels, of all nationalities and of all ages are seizing the opportunity to put on a bewildering range of events to celebrate our most iconic scientific tool.”

Over here in Hoodtown, the university will be working on a special project of their own; a periodic table, Notts style. Think FR equals Friar Tuck, Pa for Paul Smith and Eu for “Ey Up Mi Duck.”

However, with 118 elements to assign, they could do wi’ some help, which is why they’re asking your lot for any suggestions. Got a good one? Fill in this form to become part of histreh.

The full table will be revealed later on in the year, but for now you can get more involved in the celebrations by attending a guest lecture on Wednesday 13 March from Russian nuclear physicist, Yuri Oganessian, the only living person to have an element - Oganesson - named after him. Wowza.

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