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Surface Gallery's International Postcard Show 2019

16 January 19 words: Caroline Barry

Surface are at it again with their ever-popular International Postcard Show bringing you art from a wide selection of artists, all small enough to fit in yer pocket! We got down to check it out...

The show features the work of over 400 local and international artists ranging from beginner to professional. It’s a fantastic way to pick up a piece of art for that spot in the living room at £15 each. Not only is the show a great way to buy art but also a way to discover the local art scene and find a new favourite artist.

It is, as always, a well-attended, selected and curated show. It’s not easy to hang 400 pieces of art and those who organise Surface deserve a mention for their hard work and dedication in putting on yet another great exhibition. I speak from experience as I used to volunteer there and have witnessed it first-hand! It’s one of the reasons that Surface has a lovely collaborative feel. This is one of the biggest shows at Surface alongside the Street Art Festival which takes place in the summer.

Anyone who submits to the postcard show will be shown so long as their work is postcard proportions.

Anyone who submits to the postcard show will be shown so long as their work is postcard proportions. This means hundreds of lively and diverse selection of work on a range of subjects and in a variety of styles. You can find everything from newspapers with illustrated mice, graphic pieces, street art inspired scratched skulls to rainbow ‘love can be any gender’ postcards. It’s nice to see a gallery offering the artists the chance to engage with a gallery and display their own work.  It’s one of my favourite shows for this reason, you never know what gems you can find.

It’s also worth noting that Surface usually run events like workshops or talks in conjunction with their exhibitions. This included a mark making event for the Postcard show where participants use print making, collage and marbling to make a unique set of postcards to take away with them.

This year’s International Postcard Show also features a collaboration with the Nottingham Mental Health Project who are provide services aimed at helping those suffering from mental health issues. The work which is on display alongside the other postcards will be available for free on the last day of the show. Which is a lovely and inspiring gesture.

The end of the postcard show is just as tightly organised as the show itself with artists offered the chance to exchange the work with another artist or sell it.

Before you leave, check out the work of Tom Van Herrewege upstairs in the gallery. A somewhat chilling solo exhibition entitled ‘Hit List’ which makes you realise just how much of an effect we have had on the environment. Herrewege burned through the animals on old encyclopaedias and cigarette cards to show the decline and in some cases, extinction of certain animals in 100 years. It’s both sobering, fascinating and not to be missed.

Another diverse, interesting and original exhibition from the Hockley based gallery.

Explore the exhibition at Surface Gallery until Saturday 2 February 2019 and read more about it here.

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