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Tentacles is a Creative Collective for Disabled and D/deaf Writers in Nottingham

20 January 19 words: Leftlion

Tentacles takes place at Nottingham Playhouse on Wednesday 30 January, 5pm.

Writer with a Disability?
Local poet Neal Pike runs Tentacles at Nottingham Playhouse on the last Wednesday of every month. With guest facilitators and a variety of disciplines explored, it’s an unpatronising space run for people to develop creativity, and the collective want new participants of all ages and abilities to join them. Email Neal on [email protected] if you want to get involved.

How to be an octopus

you think poetry is more than flower metaphors about flowers
you swim along in your lane, then realise more are like you
you have six flailing tentacles
you can’t hear waves that crash around you
nor see waves around you
when you learnt to swim, instructors called you clumsy
you can’t read patterns of waves
you can’t write wave patterns without scrawling extra waves
you are sick of writing in your own lane
you know how to swim to Nottingham Playhouse on the last Wednesday of every month
if you don’t, a tentacle called Neal will wave you this way.

Neal Pike

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