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5 Things to Do in Nottingham This Week

20 January 19 words: Cleo Asabre-Holt

Try summat new this week...

The Twilight Sad

When? Monday 21st January 6:30pm-10pm
Where? Rough Trade
What? Forged with grit, graft and four studio albums, The Twilight Sad are performing tracks from their latest release 'It Won't Be Like This All the Time'. Starting off like most bands - an unassuming bunch of school buds united by a shared passion for music - the boys are now a global touring force. They’ve supported The Cure and Editors, (Ooh err!) and have quietly come well into their own.There may be a price to pay to get in but expect a CD alongside your ticket purchase, album signing at 8:15 and Rough Trade’s very chilled yet live vibes. So shake off those ghastly return to work blues, ladies and gents, with some serious Monday moves and grooves. 
How much? £9.99 - £19.99
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Lecture: Gilman's Women

When? Tuesday 22nd January 1-2pm
Where? Lakeside Arts Centre
What? Fancy an intellectual lecture on artist Harold Gilman? Portraits were this fella’s forte and you can catch Art Historian Wendy Baron introducing the lives of some of Gilman’s female sitters, where she’ll reflect on how they interacted with the artist as they posed for him as models… Her subjects include Dora Sly, Madeleine Knox, Mrs. Bevan, Sylvia Gosse and Mrs. Mounte. Give Tuesday afternoon’s Loose Women the slip, in exchange for Wendy’s lowdown on Gilman’s gals. That’s some serious brain food to keep the noggin in check.
How much? Free, booking in advance recommended
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The £1 Comedy Night

When? Wednesday 23rd January 8pm-11pm (Doors 7:30pm)
Where? Canalhouse
What? Come and see a mix of new and established acts practicing their material. Us Notts lot are all about encouraging local artists so slap yer bum on a seat and support the up-and-coming comics as they start their careers. They’re sure to crush yer midweek woes and you never know who may become the next big thing. Oooh blimmin’ eck… all for a quid too. You’d be an absolute bliddy fool not to.
How much? £1
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Holiday from Hell

When? Thursday 24th January 9pm
Where? Nottingham Playhouse
What? Feeling somewhat dampened by the dreary weather and any social media snaps of pals fortunate enough to elope somewhere warm? Come forth, friends, because Holiday from Hell could be your medicine! Watch 17-year-old Callum Battlemuch (Notts born and bred), in his debut stand-up comedy appearance. What a lad!! Bound to give you a giggle, Callum narrates the story of how a promising trip to Disneyland turns into a nightmare... He may also take your mind off the fact you’ve gorra sit tight awhile before the calamity of your next getaway.
How much? £5
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Pint of Science: Evening with an Astronaut

When? Wednesday 23 January, 7.30pm
Where? Coats Road Auditorium, University of Nottingham
What? Pretty sure that after a long, hard week, we’ve all dreamed of being able to board a rocket and shooting off to outta space. Well, you might consider Michael Foale one lucky bogger, as that’s exactly what he got to do back in 1992, when he became the first Briton to perform a spacewalk. Join Michael for a talk with the International Space School Trust, where you can hear about his six trips to space first hand.
How much? £12 - £18
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