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The Thompson Brothers on New Year’s Resolutions, Def Leppard and Wrestling

3 January 19 words: Leftlion

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We’re not sure we like it. Some of it is theatrical and some of it is just fighting. Did you ever see that film The One and Only? It had The Fonz in it. We liked that. We liked Big Daddy too, also known as Shirley Crabtree. Basically, as long as no-one gets hurt, we’re all for it.

Def Leppard
We went to see Def Leppard at the Ice Arena in early December. They were absolutely superb. We’d like to thank our friend Lizzy for buying us the tickets as an early Christmas present. Do you think they live in America these days? Or maybe they still live in Sheffield. Either way, they were totally marvellous.  

New Year’s Resolutions
No, we don’t do them. It’s a bit like Lent. Our sister always gives up alcohol for Lent. Forty whole days without booze, can you imagine that? We only lasted four days the first time. We tried it the next year and managed to stretch it out to a week. Never again!

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