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5 Best Places for a Picnic in Nottingham

3 July 19 words: Emma Walsh

It’s time to dust off your picnic blankets and lollop around the park with a tasty cob. Lucky for you lot, we’ve scouted out the grandest spots...

Highfields Park Nottingham
On University Park Campus, this is a marvelous place for students and locals alike to bring friendly folk. This area boasts woodland areas, a boating lake, a mini golf course, stepping stones, and even its own waterfall. So there is no chance of struggling to find a place to park your bum. Oh, and if you’re into snapping for the gram, it’s definitely insta-worthy as well. There’s also two cafes on site, for all you feeling too lazy to faff about making sarnies. There’s enough to keep the kiddlewinks from having a strop too, with a play area, an ice cream truck and plenty of opportunities to feed the ducks.

Pirate Play Park
Let’s face it, it’s an absolute pig sometimes coming up with constant ideas to keep the little ones entertained over the holibobs. So why not don your best pirate hat and take ‘em down to Pirate Play Park. You could even get a bit crafty, and make your own swords and eye patches. It may not be the biggest park in Notts, but there’s still more than enough space to lay down a blanket and watch the kids whizz down the slides and swing on the swings. You’re guaranteed to have a swashbuckling time. 

Wollaton Hall, Gardens and Deer Park
If you’re on the hunt for a bigger space to chill out, these five hundred acre grounds will sort you out. Needless to say, if you can’t find a space to put down your blanket here, you haven’t got your peepers open wide enough. With opportunities for bike rides, the chance to see deer in real life, and the opportunity to marvel at the grand gardens, this park is the bees knees and all. It’s also Batman’s Wayne Manor in The Dark Knight films, so it’s also something of a tourist attraction. Super duper.

The Arboretum
Considered the oldest park in Nottingham, this one hasn’t lost its beauty over the years. It’s a brilliant escape from the hustle and bustle of the centre - when you step inside, there isn’t anything reminding you of the tram tracks and roads surrounding it. The whole area is lined with gorgeous botanics and amazing architecture, so it’s a corker of a place to wind down and get some fresh air. And best of all, the lovely lake is also home to loads of cute duckies. You know how much us Notts lot like duckies. 

Attenborough Nature Centre and Reserve
Surrounded by tranquil waters, you’ll feel all relaxed as soon as you park up here. There are masses of opportunities to go on nature trails and other outdoorsy things, so there’s no chance of getting bored. All the wildlife come flocking to it come spring and summer time, so get your binoculars and cameras for the spotting and snapping. From diving ducks to the purple heron, see how many of these beauties you can see on your day out. And why not swing by the Nature Centre? It was opened by the big man Sir David Attenborough himself, so you know it’s gonna be good. 

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