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4 July 19

Can you spare a fiver a month to help us deliver the independent journalism Nottingham needs? LeftLion has now been running for 16 years and we need the support of our audience to keep it going.

Reasons to support LeftLion:

We are independent and proud
We remain staunchly independent. Other cities don’t have free local magazines anywhere near as good as LeftLion and we want to keep it going.

It's a changing world
Despite the fact that more people read our magazine and website than ever, like many media organisations, we operate in an extremely challenging financial market. We’ve seen the likes of NME and the Independent fold their print editions and we don’t intend to go that way.

We don’t believe in paywalls or invasive advertising
We want our journalism to be free to everyone in Nottingham and beyond and we don’t intend to hide it behind invasive pop-up adverts and irritating surveys.

We’ll give you some other stuff
If you sign up as a LeftLion supporter for six months or more you will receive the following:

  • A copy of our magazine delivered direct to your door (optional)
  • A free gift of your choice for every six months you are a member
  • A thanks in our printed magazine for the duration of your subscription (optional)


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