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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This July

6 July 19 interview: LeftLion

The latest sounds from the Nottingham vault...

Jack’s Got A Plan
Heartache in the Making (EP)

Mellow instrumentals and smooth vocals make up the foundations of Jack’s Got A Plan’s latest collection. Released in February, each song comes with a distinctly upbeat tone despite slightly melancholy lyrics. Acoustic instrumentals and happy, solid vocals make for a light, calming listen. Coupled with well thought-out and personal lyrics, this is a collection of depth and interest. It is a release meant for sunny days and quiet contemplation, offering songs that command focus. Alex Keene

George Gretton
Tread Water (Single)

Ever-changing and impossible to pin down, George Gretton’s new single is an alt-pop masterclass in effortlessly changing a track’s pace and tone. Electronic instrumentals set up a beat early on, with Gretton’s sharp and impressive vocals quickly following. But this song never settles or establishes a common thread. This makes it impossible to step away; every time you think you know what this track is about, another layer comes in to change it. Alex Keene 

Do Nothing
Gangs (Single)

Notts rising stars Do Nothing have pulled a blinder with their latest single Gangs. Conceived by frontman Chris Bailey as he wandered around listening to techno, it traverses seriously addictive territory while keeping things nice and depraved. A tantalising bass loop rumbles its way through the core of the track, joined by textured percussion and lyrics that both alienate and enthral, making for one heck of a post-punk banger. Extra points for shooting the video in The Bodega’s beer garden too. Becky Timmins 

Louis Cypher
Cypher Sore Eyes (EP)

An old-school, boom bap time capsule has been unleashed from the vault. Louis Cypher shares the mic with fellow 1st
Blood rappers, as well as chart-topping vocalist Liam Bailey, in serious tracks that were built three years ago. With Pete Chilvers on the roster of producers, beats flit from Clifton tunnels to duvet to Spanish beach; a collaborative effort of conscious thought, threaded together with the inimitable sound of Cypher’s gruff voice of reason. Bridie Squires

Diamond (EP)

Isn’t it good when local talents collaborate to make something great? The new Diamond EP from Rudi is just that. Featuring two catchy synth-pop hits and a dancefloor ready rework, it’s dripping with eighties nostalgia but feels anything but dated. Though predominantly produced and performed by Rudi himself, it has input from The Elementz, and features vocals from Georgia Copeland and Roseveldt on the remix duties. We’ve heard he puts on a cracker of a show too, so keep your eyes peeled for his upcoming gigs. Eileen Pegg. 

The Further
For Sorrow (Album)

Hailing from the nearby town of Belper in Derbyshire, this Indie Rock four-piece features Barrington Molé, Peter Backler, and James Douse; names you may recognise from their previous band EJECTORSEAT. The boys return in style with this thirty-minute triumph, kicking off with lead single Ordinary and culminating in the emotional closer Suffocate Yourself. A personal highlight is The Otherside Of The Valley, a visceral listening experience best enjoyed along with its beautiful music video. A great listen. Conor McGarry.

Binary Star (EP)

Binary Star is the brainchild of local musician, composer and teacher Chris Miles. His first solo project, this album takes influence from a variety of genres from electronica to funk. The seven tracks explore a variety of experimental themes. From the suspenseful Devil to Go To Bed Little Robots – which evoked memories of classic retro video games – Binary Star is an absorbing listen that can’t help but draw you into its world. Conor McGarry.

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