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Future Sound of Nottingham 2019 Finalists: Don't Forget Rupert

2 July 19 words: Nusic

This weekend sees the return of Nusic's Future Sound of Nottingham, where local acts take to the stage at Rock City to battle it out for a slot at Splendour Festival. Don't Forget Rupert have made it to this year's final...

How would you describe your music?
Energetic! We've got a varied sound on the most part from Alt Rock songs to orchestral ballads. What they all have in common is a lively atmosphere! 

What was your reaction to the news you’d be playing the FSN final?
Excited! We didn't make it to FSN last year so it's been a thrill to be involved in such a great event in Notts with so many talented artists.

What can the city crowd expect from your performance?
A show! We make an effort to put on a live show people will remember and come back for more. We love performing our songs for a live audience, it's great to put that part of yourself out there and see people enjoy it.

Why did you enter FSN?
It’s great to be involved and perform with so many superb local artists! We've had the luck of playing with Remy before and look forward to seeing everyone glow up on a big stage.

Who are your musical influences?
We contribute our eclectic sound to our varied influences. Ben has a very wide taste in music from singer songwriters to heavy rock bands. Lou comes from a pop punk background and brings those energetic drum beats to our music. Pete is a metalhead at heart who loves a funky bass line, and Lew is an emo kid with a blues obsession.

What Nottingham artists are you loving at the minute?
It's hard to choose just a few with such a vast amount of inspiring original artists in our city, however a few of our favourites would be The Mocking Jays, Rob Green, Lefthand Lane and Fast Car To Florence.

What are your biggest non-musical influences?
Our non-musical influences show in a number of ways, for example our music videos. We much prefer a silly, funny music video with colourful spandex and nudity over a dark and serious one! Other than that, we like usual stuff like movies, playing video games and anything competitive!

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?
We've been lucky to have so many amazing opportunities in our brief career so far, including a headline tour, appearances at Splendour festival and Rock City. However for us, our headline show at Rescue Rooms in August 2018 has yet to be matched. The place was packed and every person in that room sang with us until the end. We put the same energy into our shows every night no matter who is there, but that night was truly special to us.

Nusic’s Future Sound of Nottingham takes place at Rock City on Sunday 7 July

Don't Forget Rupert website

Nusic website

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