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Alternative Pride Preview: DJ Boz on 2019's Event

18 June 19 interview: Caroline Barry

We caught up with DJ Boz, part of the Dirtyfilthysexy team, who have been hosting alternative LGBTQ+ club nights in Nottingham since 2008. This year, DJ Boz is delivering three events in 24 hours over Nottingham Pride weekend...

Why do you want to bring something “alternative” to the Pride weekend?
Pride attracts a diverse range of people within the LGBTQ+ community with different tastes, and it's important that it isn't just mainstream music represented. The events that I co-curate look to give musicians, performance artists and DJ's a platform.

Tell us about the 'Pride Pre-Party – Alternative Music Zone' event at Rough Trade – what's it about?
I have co-curated the night with local performer Baby Tap. There are some fantastic musicians in the local underground LGBTQ+ music scene, and it's important they are represented in the Pride weekend. We have four acts performing live: Witch of the East, Baby Tap, Arch Femmesis, and Susan, and dancefloor sets from DJ Dael and DJ Luxxxury. All these artists bring something unique and fresh with their music and live shows. Whether you like grunge-rock, techno, dark-pop, electro, rap or indie, we have everything represented. We also have drag performer Nana hosting the night, so it's going to be loud and noisy! Previous events like this have been really successful and full of energy.

How does the event benefit local LGBTQ+ organisations?
There is a donation from every ticket sold to the Notts LGBT+ Network. They are a great organisation who provide information and support to LGBTQ+ people in and around Nottingham. They are staffed entirely by volunteers. Tickets are available on the door and so as well seeing some amazing musicians you are also supporting a great cause!

Tell us about the DirtyFilthySexy event on Pride night...
Last year we had 400 people attend our 10th Birthday special and this year we are going even bigger. The theme is “The Underground” and we are encouraging everyone to dress to distress, express themselves and show us some looks! We have ten drag queens and kings performing, fifteen performances, nine go-go dancers and three DJ's playing great alternative music.

Who is performing at the DirtyFilthySexy event?
From Manchester we have Liquorice Black and Anna Phylactic; from London we have Freida Slaves, Mary Poppers, Chiyo Gomes, Cybil War and EZ Street; and from Nottingham our resident queens Nana, Glitterhawk and Marilyn Sane. The nine go-go dancers include names like That Sandy and Borha, and on the DJ front we have DirtyFilthySexy founder DJ Greyskull, myself and guest DJ Luxxxury covering everything from electro to techno, industrial to rock, synth pop to vogue.

Busy weekend! And what's this about a third event?
During Pride daytime, I have programmed a line-up of local DJ's to play at Rough Trade, for people who want to grab a beer and have a dance. We have Shady Cow's Franx opening the day from 12pm, as well as sets from Glitterhawk, Patty Melt, Filthy Rich and myself – I'll be playing tracks by LGBTQ+ artists only in celebration of Pride.

What do you think of Nottingham Pride as a whole?
It's changed and evolved over the years, and I think the organisers work really hard on it. I personally think it's great that the organisers keep Pride free entry so it's as inclusive as possible, but everyone has their own opinions and ideas of what it is and what it should be. There are some great events planned during the day this year, including my own, and I reckon people should just be out, proud, happy and take a wander around all the different things that will be happening.

What are you personally looking forward to the most?
I can't wait to see Witch of the East perform live at Rough Trade on Friday night, but all the acts will be electrifying. It will be great to see the Nottingham Contemporary full of local queer people and their allies in awesome outfits, being free and being themselves. I'm excited to see Freida Slaves and Anna Phylactic perform too. It will be 24 hours for Nottingham to feel proud of.

Pride pre-party: Alternative Music Zone is on Friday 26 July from 8.30pm at Rough Trade Nottingham

Nottingham Pride 2019 at Rough Trade Nottingham is on Saturday 27 July from 12pm at Rough Trade Nottingham

Dirtyfilthysexy's Nottingham Pride Alternative Afterparty in on Saturday 27 July from 9pm at Nottingham Contemporary

DirtyFilthySexy website

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