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We're Making Our Regular Feature Blather Into a Short Film Series

22 June 19 words: LeftLion

If you’re a fan of Blather – our regular feature from writer Adrian Reynolds and illustrator Corrina Rothwell, found in its usual home in page 8 – we’ve got some good news for you...

From next month, LeftLion will be turning the feature into its very own short film series. Using the stories created by Adrian, and embracing Corrina’s visual style, Blather on Film will see their stories brought to life by the production team of Ashley Carter and Derry Shillitto, cinematographer Paul Mottram, editor Georgi Scurfield, and a host of different Nottingham directors.

Here’s a cheeky peek at some behind-the-scenes stills from the very first day of filming on Mr. Big Potatoes, directed by Georgie Levers and starring Joseph Maudsely...

If you’re a Nottingham filmmaker and would like to get involved in directing a future Blather short film, drop us a line at [email protected]

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