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Review: Trinity the Tuck at Glee Club Nottingham

12 June 19 words: Caroline Barry

I do love a bit of drag during the week. I love the glitter, the glamour and the dirty jokes…

I dragged herself to the Glee Club last week to witness Trinity the Tuck, formerly known as Trinity the Tuck Taylor. I wasn’t really sure what to expect, given that Trinity was undoubtedly the star of All Stars 4. She appeared to be an all-round entertainer with comedy, lip synch, dance and of course, the tightest of tucks. Don’t believe me? Let her Instagram prove me wrong.

Glee Club is one of my favourite places to watch a drag show.  I’ve seen Jinx Monsoon and Trixie Mattel here in recent years. I know that booking a Glee Club show means a full performance from the girls rather than the three numbers costing a fortune that some other promoters have been quick to charge. Also, I will say this – what makes it a whole lot better is that you can sit down and have a pizza or a bottle of wine while you watch.

It was, however, my first show from the promoters Klub Kids, who have been organising drag events since 2013 in Newcastle. I have to say there were some *ahem* technical issues that unlike Trinity’s Tuck, need tightening.

I don’t believe in peppering a show with support acts as let’s face it, we are here for the main event.  But previous shows were, in all fairness, a balance of support and main act. The lack of support here was painfully apparent by the empty space between meet and greet and starting time.  A length that had most of us scrolling our instagram feeds or in my case, ordering the second bottle of Sauvignon.

This was also apparent in the host for the event who felt as if he had been dragged up on stage and given minutes to prepare.  It lacked the slick, professional feel of previous contestants through no fault of Trinity or the club.

When Trinity took to the stage it was nine. I’m an old queen who needs her beauty sleep so this, after doors at 7:30 meant I was flagging. I have some deep lines on my face that need no encouragement to get worse. 

Trinity was great fun. The rocky start was more than made up for with the wit of a lip synch, the dancing and the outfit changes.  A particularily fun moment was when the lights switched to UV to reveal paint in UV glow and a dress to match. I did wonder however out of all the young fans who were attending, how many understood the Fifth Element reference that the opening numbers were based on?

All in all, another hit for the Glee Club who continues to impress with their selection of drag race acts. I am crossing my fingers to see who the next drag race star will be. I can tell you now I will be gagged if it’s Alaska or Latrice Royale. 

Trinity the Tuck was at Glee Club on Thursday 6 June

Glee Club website

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