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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This June

15 June 19

Featuring Amulet, February Montaine, Babe Punch and more... 

Let’s Dance (Single)
The local lads’ new single Let’s Dance is an edgy blend between an eighties pop ballad and a modern indie/dance anthem. With rich bass notes and catchy guitar riffs, you could just as easily find yourself chanting this tune at a crowded gig as you could dance along to in your kitchen cooking pasta. If you want a track that you’re going to catch yourself humming under your breath for the next few days, we’ve found it. Hannah Beresford

February Montaine
As Late As The Light That Hides It
Created from lost recordings of a late, local musician, this is another example of a creative talent whose recognition came too late. We’re glad Sam Potter (formerly Late of the Pier) discovered the tapes though, and released them for us to enjoy. The album offers a mixture of styles, from Gameboy-esque beats to emotion-soaked sax riffs. Bordering the line between ambient soundscapes, retro pop and shoegaze, it’s a creative and unique collection of sounds with a heartwarming backstory. Eileen Pegg

Cinema Gold
Mise En Abyme (Single)
The new single from talented trio Cinema Gold is your new late-night summer track; even if you're only slightly into psychedelic tunes, this song is for you. Turn the sound up and embark on a trippy journey through space and time, all in exactly 3 minutes and 36 seconds. A beautiful combination of alternative, electronic, synthy and lo-fi sounds - you'd be a fool not to listen - go on, “put your head in a bag of colour”. Rachael Halaburda

Babe Punch
Shrinking Violet (Single)
Unless you’ve had your head buried in the sand for the past few years, you’ll have heard local powerhouse Babe Punch. Molly Godber’s tantalising vocals punctuate the band’s fiery punk sound, demonstrated big time on new single Shrinking Violet. The track kick-starts with an athletic bassline, followed by humming amps harnessed to enticing effect. Lyrically, it’s prime Babe Punch: cutting, catchy and frenzied. We’re bleddy obsessed with the grunge-drenched guitar hooks and layered vocals. Becky Timmins

Crazy P
Age Of The Ego (Album)
Nottingham’s long standing funk/pop/synth masters are back with their eighth album, launched at The Brickworks last month. They said it would have more ‘aggyness’ than the rest, and with track titles including We Will F**K you up, they weren’t lying. If we had to choose, SOS and Lean on Me are our standouts, but it’s an eleven-strong package of groove-infused earworms, proving they pull off the ‘attitude problem’ perfectly. Disco just got darker. Eileen Pegg

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