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Waterfront Festival

The Best Moments of Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2019

18 June 19 photos: Tom Morley
words: Dan Lyons

A few of our favourite snaps from Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2019...

Nottingham Craft Beer Festival 2019 is officially over! For now, we can all take a deep breath, rehydrate and have a small detox from alcohol for the next few days.

This year, Nottingham Craft Beer Festival was bigger than ever: there were more breweries, bars, food vendors, people involved and, most importantly, people coming along and joining in on the fun. We had a complete sell-out, nearly doubling the amount of tickets we sold last year. It’s safe to say that all this wouldn’t be possible without the massive amount of work that goes into ensuring the festival’s success. Whether it’s front of house or behind the scenes, it’s a huge collaboration between a small in-house team and bars and breweries all around Nottingham.

There are countless great moments from the weekend, however, these are just a  few photographs that we believe really capture the essence of the festival…

Nottingham Craft Beer website

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