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Art Works: William Gregory MacArthur

22 March 19 interview: LeftLion

He's a fast-paced worker, finishing his paintings in less than thirty minutes...

The painting I’ve chosen to show here is very important to me because finishing it was the moment I was fully convinced in my art. With any creative pursuit, one tends to flit from excitement to severe doubt, but this self-portrait removed all doubt for me; I’ve been different ever since. I’m braver now, and I no longer need to convince or be convinced.

I work very quickly with a lot of figurative paintings. What excites me is being able to see something raw and spontaneous; with my style the idea needs to be captured and finished just as quickly as it appears, as it’s the only way to get a genuinely impetuous look. I don’t like to take longer than thirty minutes to finish each painting. I refuse to keep going and going, chasing how I originally envisioned it. Why force it? Sometimes it’s not meant to be, and you need to let it go.

As my work has elements of randomness about it, being conscious of how close you are to ruining the painting at any moment can have a consciously negative effect on the way you paint. I’ve found a bottle or two of wine before a painting session sorts that problem out. I see opinions in the art world as everyone being wrong; it’s just some have more people that agree with them than others. As an artist, a buyer or a casual observer, there’s nothing to be scared of; there couldn’t be anything that is more accessible than art, either it works for you or it doesn’t.

It’s important to be brave; I see too much fear and uncertainty in the hearts of people. Especially the reluctance with trying and failing in dreams and long held aspirations. Trying and failing takes everything from you, even your ability to fantasise about it any longer. But you have to risk it all. You have to.

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photo: Fabrice Gagos

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