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Live Music Review: Blue Planet II Live in Concert at Motorpoint Arena

20 March 19 words: Emily Thursfield
photos: Anja Wettergren

Blue Planet II Live in Concert offered the opportunity for viewers to see some spectacular scenes from the show accompanied by a full orchestra and choir...

It’s been over eighteen months since the second series of David Attenborough’s Blue Planet documentary hit our screens, but I still think about it every day. For me, like many others, the scenes of marine life ingesting plastic debris and coming to harm due to mankind’s careless actions stuck with me, and encouraged me to change my shopping habits. It’s fair to say that this six-part documentary was a shock to the system for many, and has raised the much-needed public awareness of the declining state of the world’s oceans.

The Prague Philharmonic Orchestra provided the music - originally performed by Bleeding Fingers Music and composed by Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and David Fleming - on the night, and were accompanied by a pitch-perfect choir. BBC’s Anita Rani compared the evening, introducing and providing content for each clip we were about to see. From a Portuguese man o' war drifting aimlessly through the waves, to hunting sea lions and meek clown fish, it was great to see some potentially-forgotten clips from the series alongside the more memorable ones.

The orchestra were so well rehearsed that on multiple occasions I had to remind myself that the sounds of a multitude of strings, crashing drums and brass were being played live, right in front of me. Hearing the score for each clip in isolation really reiterated how much hard work the Blue Planet team put into the series, and how important music is to the impact of the programme. Watching moray eels prey on Sally lightfoot crabs would not have the same effect if it was not for the suspense-filled strings and quick staccato notes that accompany it.

Blue Planet II Live in Concert was a brilliant, family-friendly event that was seemingly enjoyed by all who attended, judging by all the gasps, giggles and smiling faces that filed out of the arena. It was fantastic to see a younger audience be introduced to the wonders of classical music through such a beautifully executed event.

Blue Planet II Live in Concert was at Motorpoint Arena on Friday 15 March

Motorpoint Arena website

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