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Lost City

City Stylin' #11

11 March 19 interview: Cleo Asabre-Holt
photos: Fabrice Gagos

We searched high and low for the most stylish of Notts heads with summat to say...


"I’m a 24 year old personal trainer, working on creating the happiest life I can for myself. I enjoy helping and supporting other people’s personal growth too, both in and outside of the gym; there’s no better feeling than seeing people improve.

I’m a massive giver, so making other people feel good makes me feel good too. But I also make sure I give to myself as well. This typically involves going for a walk, listening to music, reading a book or training in the gym. And eating a reasonably good balance of nutritious food and sweets!

My style is important to me as it supports the fact that I don’t deem it necessary to dress in ways that could be considered conventional. I can honestly say that I don’t know what is or isn’t “in fashion”, and I don’t care either. I just buy and create looks that I like regardless of whether it’s on trend or not."


"I’m from Italy and currently work as a professional dancer. I was selected to perform with UKYA this year and it’s my first time in Nottingham. It’s incredible how much art and music is here, in every corner of the city. But people here never hug someone for the first time without asking. Maybe it’s because I’m Italian and we’re really warm.

The only thing I care about in terms of outfits is comfort. I want my body to be able to move fully. I love just a bit of colour to make myself feel confident. As a dancer, the most important thing is to be open, fully, in the space I’m surrounded by: the people, the colours, the smells, and to be aware of the place you’re living in. It makes up part of who you are, so I try to give something back in order to understand who I am. Never stop trying to discover."

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