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Live Music Review: dodie at Rock City

22 March 19 words: Malvika Padin
photos: Jay Sanderson

Singer-songwriter dodie brought smiles, tears and excitement to Rock City this week...

Happy, light songs with a heavy message of reassurance and love - that is dodie’s music in a nutshell. And as I look around watching people tear up it’s easy to understand how much the songs, which promise that everything will make sense again, matter to her fans.

Positivity radiates throughout her set, which ends up feeling all too short. From cute, loving ode She to the high-energy thumps of In The Middle, to the comforting familiarity of Would You Be So Kind, no track was out of place and no second seemed a waste. With a voice and lyrics as cheerful and reassuring as her entire personality, it is no surprise the 23 year-old is performing to a packed room overflowing beyond the open doors of the venue tonight.

There is a sense of community among the audience - a sense that you are bonded together through your love for dodie and her music. And it’s a a night that showcases potential right from the get-go as support acts Kawala and Orla Gartland stun the audience with their performances, before dodie made her impressive appearance.

With songs that leave you feeling like you’re floating, this girl has a way with words; both spoken and written. Each of her songs come with an uplifting message, and as you listen, you no longer feel alone, even as you stand in a room full of strangers. This is the kind of music that unites you in your love for it.

Performing several hits, it was her light and loving ode She taken from her recently released EP Human that elicited the maximum cheers from her fans. Track after track, I find the love for dodie and her music swelling in the room, but the highlight came in the form of Secret For The Mad. A poignant track spurred from her own personal experience with a nervous breakdown, the song urges you to keep going. With a message so powerful and a delivery so heartfelt, it’s no wonder there were several teary-eyed people, all together in their pursuit of happiness.

dodie played Rock City on Wednesday 20 March

Rock City website


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