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All Spent For Lent: Why our Fashion Editor Is Giving Up Shopping

5 March 19 words: Anna Murphy

A Fashion Editor giving up shopping? Yer what?

I'm going to level with you - I have never completed Lent. Each year, friends (both religious and non-religious) would set themselves goals and I would, optimistically, agree. We would make long lists of items we weren't going to touch for six weeks; chocolate, cake, biscuits, crisps, cake - basically, all the good stuff - and would revel in the solidarity of the fact we were all going to make it through this challenge together.

However, I am rubbish. I am really, really bad at saying no to myself. “No” is the optimist's least favourite word and I, ever optimistic, have failed year on year to stick to whatever new rules we had created. New Year's Resolutions would suffer a similar fate, and don't even get me started on various no-alcohol drinking months.

This year, I promised myself I wasn't going to buy anything I didn't need for the whole of 2019. Then, I realised that was probably a bit of a big ask, so I claimed, rather proudly, that I wasn't going to buy anything for the whole of January.

That bubble was burst, quite uncermoniously, on the Tuesday 1 January at McArthur Glen, East Midlands Designer Outlet. Yep, couldn't even make one day.

However, these last few months have seen a shift in the fashion world and the way in which we interact with it. People have began to question how much “stuff” we have, and the lasting impact that that stuff has on the world as we know it, especially the people who are involved in that supply chain. So, for this reason, I've decided to give up shopping for Lent.

Now, I know what you're thinking; based on aforementioned past examples, I don't stand a chance. Maybe. And a Fashion Editor giving up shopping? Unheard of. But I would love it if you joined in with me.

Here are the rules:

  1. Be reasonable - we're not talking about food. You can buy food. That is allowed. Socialising is also fine.
  2. Basically, buy what you need rather than what you want. I do not need another floral midi dress, no matter how much I reason with myself.
  3. I'm not trying to be some cladestine monk who lives frugally and takes vows of poverty - if my mascara runs out, I will re-purchase it. HOWEVER (this bit is important) if said mascara runs out, I can only replace like for like. This is to deny the opportunity to google jazzy new mascaras who promise to give me unicorn lashes and who, inevitably, will fail to do so. Mainly because I am not a unicorn. 
  4. Birthday presents etc do not count. Don't try and weasle your way out of that one. 
  5. This isn't about religion, it's about a challenge. Pledge allegiance and share your experiences with the hashtag #AllSpentForLent to let us know how you're getting on.

So, finally... who's with me?

Follow Anna's progress (or potential lack thereof) on Instagram @Perfect12Fashion 

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