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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

23 March 19

Featuring The Five Hundred, Shxdow, Dog Explosion, Garry Perkins and Pete Beardsworth...

The Five Hundred
Bleed Red (Album)

Debut full-length LP, Bleed Red, from Nottingham metalheads The Five Hundred grabs you by the throat with a vice grip until the 42-minute run-time is up; this is modern metal to the letter. The quintet has given a brilliantly well-rounded sound, exhilaratingly fast-paced riffs, as if produced by the Mighty Thor himself on the back of a filthy bass tone. But the real stars of the show come with the well-articulated vocals and drums; the former melding forms of clean and harsh cries to form an ever-dynamic experience, while the fills and breakdowns, heavily supported by the latter, never fail to keep your head banging. 80% of the track listing is what you’d come to expect of a metal album in 2018 (by no means a complaint), but on the odd occasion Bleed Red throws a curveball and knocks it out of the park: The Narcissist may not be your conventional ‘banger,’ but the implementation of more orchestral elements like keys and grand symphonies keeps the listener on their toes. Having said that, this album will certainly have you screaming along to its catchy melodies and vicious breakdowns for weeks to come. Alex Mace

Mr Ouija (Album)
Shxdow’s new album, Mr Ouija, is a must listen this month if you’re into Darkside music. There are major influences from Breakbeat Hardcore and Jungle within Shxdow’s creation; with an electronic dance music vibe, low frequency bass lines and aggressive rap, this album sets you up for an all-night rave. Half of the album is purely instrumental with deep synthy notes and horror film style music compositions through the use of time-stretching – even creating a scratchy metallic quality at times. The song 1000 Immortals is a must-have on your hardcore rave playlist - but we must warn you: these lyrics are not the kind of thing you want to be teaching the kids. However, the speed and fluency in Shxdow’s bars asserts him as a name to watch. Rachael Halaburda

Dog Explosion
Dog Explosion (Album)

Dog Explosion’s debut album provides an 11-track mishmash of two very popular genres: electronic and rock. Rock-style lyrics, intense and creepy, meet heavy bass backing tracks in almost every tune as the collection carries through. The album boasts solid, impressive vocals throughout; in fact, the talents of this one-man-band are clear in each aspect of these songs’ production. Where it becomes truly impressive, however, is the apparently seamless mashup of elements from genres that are usually miles apart. Standout track Action! is quicker than most, and shows exactly how enjoyable a mix-and-match electro-rock tune can be to listen to. Lyrically, this album goes a long way, from the downright creepy imagery of first track Hot Meat to the slower, steadier outlook of Generator, this isn’t a collection you can just chuck on in the background while you’re doing other things. You have to really listen; it’s what these tunes deserve.  Alex Keene

Garry Perkins
One Day (Album)

Mellow instrumentals and slow vocals combine in Garry Perkins’ thoroughly enjoyable newest release. The album brings together a number of acoustic instruments to back somewhat melancholic lyrics in a collection that finds itself somewhere between country and indie music. Tunes like For You From and Come and Go make for a somewhat sombre atmosphere to some of the collection, but title track One Day has a happier outlook. Whilst still feeling right at home with the genre of the rest of the album, the song also utilises a slightly more upbeat backing track. The result: a not-quite-so moody finish to the album. If soft-spoken indie music is your favourite thing to listen to, this album will be right up your street. This isn’t a collection that you can dance to; instead, it offers a perfect relaxation collection, and who doesn’t need that? Alex Keene

Pete Beardsworth
Pour Un Homme Seul (EP)
The newest release from Nottingham’s own label/ridiculously talented group of mates, Running Circle, comes as a solo project of Three Body Trio’s Pete Beardsworth. And, unsurprisingly, it’s a corker. Pour Un Homme Seul brings a beautifully packaged EP offering jazz-infused sounds with relentless soul that’s enough to convince even those most scared of the genre. Opening with a bright vocal piece and featuring dubbed, almost trip-hopesque beats as well as oriental flavours throughout, we wish we caught this fella doing bits at Peggy’s Skylight recently, to see it in all its live glory. Whatever – it’s just as brilliant heard through the speakers with a warm glass of red and is a must-listen piece, as well as testament to the talent we have here in this city. Eileen Pegg

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