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Rock With a Western Twist: Red Rum Club

17 March 19 interview: Tina Sherwood

Our Tina Sherwood spoke with the band before they take over Rough Trade this March.

Cue theme music from The Good, The Bad and The Ugly, add a solo trumpet with a smidgen of 'Tarantino-esque’ darkness and you have Red Rum Club; a sextet of smooth alt rockers from Liverpool.

Playing the Rough Trade stage for the first time on 21 March, Tina Sherwood asked the band’s front man, Fran Doran, to put us in the picture.

You’ve been on tour for a while with Nottingham being one of your last stops, what has been your favourite moment?
This tour has been amazing so far for us. Every single show has been chaotic in its own special way! Our favourite thing about this tour would be the number of people singing all the words back to us. It’s the first tour we’ve had since we released our debut album in January and it’s amazing to see (and hear) that it’s resonated well with people.

With such a unique sound, do you feel this has meant that you have had to work harder than most to make the break?
We don’t see it that way. We would definitely say we have a unique sound. But we think that sets us apart and helps us more than it hinders us. We worked hard to stumble across this sound and now it seems to be paying off.

Musically, who would you say are your greatest influences?
The Beatles have to be up there for us. But they’re probably one of the only bands who influence all six of us... we all have our own individual influences. Ennio Morricone is a composer who amazes us: anyone who can create music that takes your mind to a different place is a winner in our book.

Tell us a bit about your new album, Matador
We’re over the moon with how well it’s been received first and foremost. With it being our debut album there are songs on there that we have grown up writing and playing, so this album will always be our baby. It was recorded at Parr Street Studios in Liverpool with Chris Taylor who deserves a special mention too!

You're famed for your spaghetti-western sound - do you actually like cowboy films?
When we watch one we will let you know!

As a Liverpool based band, do you cite any local influences? 
Other than those previously mentioned, we are big fans of The Coral, Echo and The Bunnymen and The La’s. We’ve definitely taken influence from The Bunnymen when it comes to the guitars.

Do you have any festivals lined up this summer?
We have a very busy festival season this year with a lot of UK and European festivals to be announced!

What do you have planned when the tour ends?
We have a hometown show at The Cavern Club in Liverpool and then we’re going to be spending most of April writing. Then we will be back on tour for most of the summer.

Have you ever been to Nottingham before? What's your impression of the place?
We’ve never been to Nottingham so we have no idea what to expect. Our Grandads tell us stories of a famous pub that we won’t repeat...

Did you know, Notts is the only city outside of London to have a Rough Trade - are you chuffed to play there? 
We’re excited to be playing at Rough Trade. As artists in today’s climate, we recognise the importance of record stores and the people who still buy their music and support musicians! We will definitely be having a mooch after soundcheck... 

Anything else you'd like to add to our LeftLion readers?
What we’re doing with ourselves isn’t just about our music. It’s about meeting people and having a party. If there’s anyone hanging in the balance about coming to one of our shows, do it! We promise you won’t be disappointed.

Red Rum Club play Rough Trade on Thursday 21 March, supported by The Chase and The Colliders.

Find the event online.

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