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Theatre Review: The Gilded Merkin at The Glee Club

13 March 19 words: Caroline Barry

Boobies and tassels and dancers…oh my!

I don’t think anyone had a better Sunday then me last weekend. I headed to the Glee Club in town for the Gilded Merkin, Burlesque and Cabaret night after a very successful attempt at a Sunday roast dinner. While I was attending in order to ‘write a review,’ I was also very keen to see the Gilded Merkin as I have wanted to attend this show since I moved to Nottingham in 2012 and realised it had burlesque.

I absolutely love Burlesque and it’s something I have always wanted to try but somehow never got around to doing. It’s a skill that takes combining comedy with nudity when normally those things do not mix. I’ve yet to go to a bad burlesque show. Although I don’t doubt there are some out there. Done properly, burlesque is an art form where it’s hard to take your eyes off the stage for fear of missing out. It’s not the usual but rather a display where women have curves, rolls, thighs and breasts. Everything they have, they celebrate which is where the comparisons with strip clubs fall flat. Burlesque is about the art of tease mixing comedy, art, fun and music.

This is where the Gilded Merkin comes in.

The Gilded Merkin, created and produced by Miss Scarlett Daggers who also performs in the shows, has been on for a while now and it’s easy to see why the venue was packed. The acts featured were amazing and incredibly varied. Abigail Collins, Bettsie Bon Bon, Aurora Starr, Didi Derriere and Elliot Mason were unbelievably talented, funny and a joy to watch.

The night was hosted by the loud and proud Ritzy Crackers who managed to keep the audience laughing, chanting and clapping along there was fire, hula hoops and ariel hoops… oh my! There is something about watching a live fire on a club stage with a curtain to make you feel a bit nervous but luckily, the wine took the edge off the anxiety quite nicely.

The Glee Club is the perfect venue for a night like this. As much as I love a good gig, I am starting to (age related) enjoy a nice seated gig. Glee Club not only offers comfy seating but a full menu of (excellent) pizza. What’s not to enjoy?

There is, apparently, no place like home as the Gilded Merkin was started in 2012 in the club before heading to shows in Birmingham and Cardiff. No two shows are the same however so don’t assume you will have seen everything. I’m already planning to buy tickets to the next event on the 16th of June featuring the wonderful London act, Lolo Brow and Virgin Xtravaganzah. Lolo, I have seen perform before and she blew me away. I can’t wait!

Find out more about the Glee Club's next showing of The Gilded Merkin here.

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