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The Thompson Brothers on Brexit, Holidays and the World Wide Web

31 March 19 words: The Thompson Brothers

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

The 30th Birthday of the World Wide Web…
We don’t know anything about the internet. We don’t own a computer, we don’t have mobile phones and we don’t use it at all. There’s a website and a Facebook page for our shop, but we don’t do anything on them ourselves. If people want to talk to us, we much prefer telephone wires. They’re over one hundred years old, you know…

It’s a mess, but we’ve got to finally get it over and done with. It’s a bad time of year for us in the shop as we source loads of our stock from Europe. There are probably only a handful of MPs in the House of Commons that actually want us to leave the EU, but it was a public vote and we need to respect that and get on with leaving.

Easter holidays
Easter is late this year, but it’s still too early to go away for the weekend. If you go to the seaside, you’ll end up freezing to death. We went away to Ireland a couple of years ago and when we got out of the car and it was snowing! Best to save the holidays until August.

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