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The Thompson Brothers on Albert Finney, Local Parks and The Oscars

2 March 19 words: The Thompson Brothers

Nottingham's most opinionated grocers on...

The Oscars
We’ve never watched any of them. A customer of ours came in having watched The Favourite and she thought it was cold. We’ve not watched Bohemian Rhapsody either, but we saw Queen in Birmingham on the 1984 The Works tour and it can’t be as good as that. We also saw Frank Sinatra, Billy Joel and Dire Straits that year. What a year for music it was!

Albert Finney
He was brilliant in Saturday Night and Sunday Morning. Our father was fascinated by that film. He loved the fact that you could watch the buses going up and down Derby Road while in the cinema; that was the best thing about that film. He was great in the recent Bond film too.

£1 million investment in local parks
Great news! People want to be in parks, it’s good for their mental health and state of mind. As a city we have fantastic parks. We remember a few years back when the Queen opened Vernon Park, which was brilliant and also meant people can never build on it. They should have that rule with all our parks.

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