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The Comedy of Errors

A UFO Investigator in Notts

4 March 19 illustrations: Alex McDougall

"I’m not a crackpot; I’ve been researching this for over thirty years and I’m 100 percent sure that we’ve been visited by aliens."

When I was younger my siblings all saw UFOs, but I never did. I guess they were just in the right place at the right time. I bought loads of books and kept every news clipping about UFO sightings until the early nineties, when the subject seemed to be all over the papers, on the TV, in adverts. It peaked my interest; I wanted to speak to the people who were reporting these sightings, so I started a UFO investigation group.

My best sighting was in May 1991, when I saw at least two triangular crafts in the sky over Nottingham, coming from Carlton and disappearing over Ilkeston. They were side by side, giving off a deep humming sound and flying really low over the city. I interviewed over 100 witnesses, including police officers, nurses, and housewives – people from all across the spectrum. They all saw them, and the Ministry of Defence even got involved.

We asked East Midlands Airport about it, but they weren’t interested. At first I thought they might have been some sort of secret military aircraft, but why decorate them in bright lights and slowly fly them so low over the city? It could well have been alien technology being flown by non-humans.

If the government were to come out and say that aliens exist, and that they’d been coming here for thousands of years, it would have a huge impact on everything from religion to mental health. People wouldn’t be able to take the news; at least that’s what the papers say. But I think people would be accepting of it, and it would answer a lot of questions about humans and where we come from.

I’m not a crackpot; I’ve been researching this for over thirty years and I’m 100 percent sure that we’ve been visited by aliens. Erich von Däniken was on the right track: they’ve been visiting the Earth for thousands of years. My personal conclusion is that aliens put us on this planet as a project, or they upgraded us DNA-wise from basic human beings.

I’ve been to Egypt, and there’s no way Egyptians built those pyramids

I’m not talking monkeys or gorillas or anything like that. I mean basic humanoid beings, as we were in the early days. God coming from the sky, the burning bush and other things from the Bible can be reinterpreted into the first interactions with UFOs. The Romans described them as burning shields in the sky, because they didn’t have the knowledge or language to describe flying disks.

I’ve been to Egypt, and there’s no way Egyptians built those pyramids. They’re absolutely precise. If you ask me, the Egyptians came along 4,000 years ago, found these structures, and put their own markings on them, like graffiti. The pyramids have been proven to be at least 12,500 years old, along with the Sphinx too.

The wife and I went out to Area 51 - the highly classified US Air Force facility where many believe they’re hiding UFO’s- and a guide agreed to take us as close as you were legally allowed. We climbed up White Sides Mountain which overlooks the base, but halfway up a Black Hawk helicopter started buzzing us. It was only about sixty feet away, and we had nowhere to go. We just had to watch it carefully and hope it didn’t cut our heads off with its propeller. It was total intimidation tactics. Just after that, they moved the border behind the mountain, so now you can’t climb it without being prosecuted.

The only reason I set up the UFO investigation group was to find this stuff out for myself. I was pushed into the limelight by newspapers wanting me to talk to them, but I was very shy back then; I wouldn’t say boo to a goose. I eventually ended up on the lecture circuit, talking about Area 51 and other sightings in venues from Southampton to Lancashire. Public speaking has made me much more confident, and now I’m happy to do a speech at a moment’s notice. That’s the best thing that’s come out of it for me. Well, that and the knowledge about the real origins of mankind.  

I eventually dropped the subject to try and get back to normal life. The wife and I both had full time jobs – she was a nurse, and I was a postman. I’d be getting up at about 3.45am to start work for 5am. I’d work til 1.30pm, then I’d come home and have a nap for an hour. From there, the rest of the day would be my own, and it was all UFO, UFO, UFO. I lived and breathed it.

I don’t think I’m going to get into investigations again. I’ve found what I wanted; if people want answers, go and find them for yourselves. That’s the best advice I can give. Explore every avenue, from crop circles and cattle mutilations to abductions and secret technologies. I tried to incorporate as much of it as I could in my research to see if it was all connected, and most of it is.

It isn’t hard to live a normal life away from UFO investigating; I just put it to one side and leave it there. It’s that simple. It still affects you to an extent, because whenever you’re walking around, be it day or night, you’re always looking up. What’s that? Oh, it’s a star. Always looking up. It never leaves you.  

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