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The Comedy of Errors

Art Works: Laura Bosely

10 May 19 words: Laura Bosley
illustrations: Laura Bosley

Check out her piece, Collaged Visions of Nottingham...

This is a tourism poster I made to encapsulate the excitement of visiting Nottingham. The piece is a collage made from different coloured paper, paint and ink. I enjoy the practical process of layering different colours, patterns and textures to create a scene by adding more components as I go along. Currently I work in our tiny flat, so I soon ended up with a confetti of different coloured paper spread all over the carpet. I then scanned the collage into my computer and digitally edited it.

I made the poster while exploring a project called A World of Your Own. I was looking at art-deco travel posters that enticed people to go visit places, and found that the use of vibrant colour mixed with bold text was both striking and exciting. I also explored a lot of different colour palettes, studying Great Western Railway posters from the late 1930s and American National Park posters from the 1940s.

I am now a student at Nottingham Trent University working on getting my Illustration MA. Studying art has enabled me to visualize my thoughts and put my imagination onto paper, while it’s great to be working alongside other illustrators who have the passion to become full time self-employed illustrators. So, watch out for my work and illustrations – I am available for commissions and I'm pretty friendly, so drop me a message.

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