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Nottingham Castle

Ayup Duck: The Latest Nottingham News

9 May 19 words: Ayup Duck
illustrations: Rikki Marr

To celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Nottingham Forest winning the European Cup, we’ve had a root around the archives to see what our feathered-friend about town was saying back in May 1979....

Thatching a Plan
Usually, I try and keep my beak out of anything that involves The Man, if you catch my drift. But I’m diggin’ the funky vibes that have been flowing from 10 Downing Street this month. The country has finally had enough of that jive turkey Jim Callaghan, replacing him with some greengrocer’s daughter from Grantham named Margaret Thatcher. We’re hip to the groove of having a skirt in the top seat, especially one that has a face like a slapped arse. We can even dig having the Conservatives in power if it means an end to this Winter of Discontent. After the way Callaghan harshed out the economy, surely life for working class people in the UK can only get better under Maggie T. You dig?

A Tsar is Born
With a beautiful chick back home, you’d think Elton John would take more care than to rock‘n’roll his way over the Iron Curtain. But that’s just what that crazy cat has done, becoming the first Western singer to perform in the Soviet Union, making history with his recent performance in Leningrad. 10-4 good buddy.

On To Burger And Better Things
The skinny on the street is that the head honcho at McDonalds fast food restaurant is set to launch a funky new kids dinner called a Happy Meal. Apparently it includes a hamburger, fries and a drink. It’s a positively copasetic plan, and one that gets my seal of approval, Jack.

Udderly Ridiculous
This one has totally harshed my mellow. As if life hasn’t been enough of a drag recently, some low-down space cadet has decided to raise the price of milk to 15p a pint. Take a chill-pill, brother man, no one in their right mind is going to stand for this aggression.

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