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City Stylin’ #13

21 May 19 photos: Georgianna Scurfield

We took to the streets to find Notts' best dressed

Gabriella Bets

All I ever wanted was to be a make-up artist. I remember being sixteen when my career advisor told me that I was the first decisive person he’d spoken to.


People think the industry has become more inclusive, but sometimes I think it’s all a bit of a façade. Secretly, it’s the same as it was before. If you’re a freelance make-up artist, it can be absolutely savage.


My favourite thing is working with so many women. It’s a more gender-balanced industry in terms of fairness. I feel like that environment of women being really competitive with each other is changing, and we’re all starting to work with each other more. That’s the vibe now.


In terms of the future, I don’t know if I’m going to go into being a freelance artist, or go back into training. That seems like the best option if you want kids. That’s not something I want to do for years and years, but you have to think about it now. I’m 25, so in my head I’ve got five years to mess around. When I get to thirty, though, I need to crunch down.


There’s a brilliant poet called Vanessa Kisuule who says, “If it doesn’t feel better after a wank or a biscuit: reassess.” That’s a good mantra to live by.  

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