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Green Light in the City

5 Albums to Listen to This May

15 May 19

Featuring Soft Girls & Boys Club, Theorist, Reckless and more...

Soft Girls & Boys Club
Welcome to Soft Girls & Boys Club (EP)
It was with a serious bang that Soft Girls & Boys Club recently launched their EP – we reckon they set a record for The Bodega’s largest stage invasion. Released on Phlexx Records, the EP is a honeyed psych dream, with tracks You Don’t Have the Time and Cross Your Mind emblematic of the Softies’ sound: charming, full-of-beans psych rock. But the highlight is Sertralean – a hazy, introspective song that captures their capacity to twin darker subjects with inventive tunes. Becky Timmins

You’re Alive But You Are Dead
The Future is Where it Ends (Album)
Quirky, ambitious and intriguing, this album provides plenty of unexpected twists and turns. Mostly instrumental, the album refuses to be labelled as just one genre, but could be likened to an electronic/experimental take on Portishead, with more synths and orchestration thrown in. It Is Not Going Away provides some beautiful moments hidden just behind the Pendercki-esque dissonance. Some parts could be more polished; closing track Passive Moral People fell a little flat after its spine-tingling atmospheric intro. Patrick McMahon

Stolen Songs (Album)
An eclectic mix of hip-hop and psychedelic soundscapes, Theorist’s twelve-track album is a haunting, hypnotic musical journey. Tracks like the slow, vocal-led Taste blend seamlessly with the spoken-word tinges of Death Will Dance, and the robotic suspense of Words 1 and Words 2. The psychedelics come out in full force towards the end of the record with I’m Leaving You, giving a contradictory sense of restless calm. It’s a brilliant piece of work that simultaneously grounds you, while helping you escape the realities of the world. Malvika Padin

A Product of My Environment (Album)
Fans of observational lyrics combined with addictive melodies, listen up. The latest twelve-track album from Reckless should give you enough new tackle to wrap your ears around, covering everything from egg and chips to boozy nights and dressing fresh. It’s a witty, well produced “ode to Bilborough,” the area Andy lives and raps from. Named A Product of My Environment, the inspiration is clear, as is the love that has gone into making it. Eileen Pegg

The Mont Blanc
Dreamer (EP)
This won’t have you raving till dawn, but instead waving a lighter in the air with a smile from ear to ear. Though described as “fresh from the mind of a lunatic”, it does little to offend the ears and is full of catchy riffs and vocals, accompanied by a thick, funky bass. Garage rock influences can be heard, nicely escaping the squeaky-clean norm that many indie bands now conform to. Listen, and sink into a pillow of musical tranquillity. Alex Mace

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