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The Princes Trust Want to Help Nottingham's Youth Explore Enterprise

31 May 19 words: Emma Walsh

The Prince’s Trust is a youth programme designed to help young people discover their potential within the big wide world of business...

From starting your own business, to getting a job, to even getting funding to learn where and how to start, they have you covered. But this June they’re doing something even more hands-on in Notts for all our youth.

The Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise course is for people aged 18-30 and runs over 11-12 June this summer. The aim of the course is to teach participants the basic skills required to run a business effectively and efficiently; legal requirements for self-employment; marketing and selling; developing a business plan; and financial forecasting.

They’re setting about to teach the nitty gritty skills that schools often don’t prepare young people for, before setting them lose at a networking-type event, The Prince’s Trust Business Launch Group. Here, they can apply for funding and find the support they need in Business Mentors, who they can work with for up to two years to maintain the skills they’ve developed on the course, and apply them to real-life entrepreneurial situations.

Schemes like this are paramount for our young people today, as so many of them have no real idea of what they want to do with their lives. Courses like this can help them develop key skills, and decide how they want to apply them in their own lives. So often schools around the country only grant students qualifications at the end of an academic journey, with no career advice or knowledge of practical skills they will need to use in the future.

The Prince’s Trust can change that, and has. Take No. 12 Hound’s Gate – a vegetarian and vegan cafe in the heart of Notts. Owner, Ritchie Stainsby, recognises the importance of The Exploring Enterprise programme in giving him the confidence and skills he needed to start his own business.

To book a place at The Prince’s Trust Explore Enterprise course please call 01159 845 6495 or call free 0800 842 842. You can also TEXT ‘call me’ to 07983 385 418.

For more information about The Princes Trust, visit their website

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