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5 Nottingham Albums to Listen to This Month

16 November 19

Another month, another shed-load of talent...

Vega Bay 
Rubiales (EP)
The heavily anticipated second EP from these local indie rockers boasts a collection of silken, charming and self-exploratory tracks. The guitar riffs are gripping and rhythmic, accompanied by saccharine vocals singing smart, witty and relatable lyrics. In a bittersweet but classic upbeat indie-rock manner, Vega Bay address the important and relevant issue of mental health. This gorgeous five-track record emanates shimmering and woozy exotic vibes, keeping the summer alive sonically as we dive rapidly into winter. Laura Phillips

Introspection (Album)
Local musician Sam Shaw is serious about psychedelia, and his latest album with his kaleidoscopic-project Sundaze is testament to that. The album shows off his effervescent songwriting, while unveiling a distinctive human streak. Sunny melodies and eccentric sonic textures appear throughout, most satisfyingly on Crocodile Years and Smile. By pairing the imaginative edge of bands like The Smoking Trees with the DIY sensibility of sixties skiffle, Shaw has created a surreal yet very listenable offering. Becky Timmins 

Adam Prescott, Joe Ariwa
Adam Prescott meets Joe Ariwa (LP)
Nottingham’s own Adam Prescott has returned home after years spent in London, but he hasn’t come empty handed. He’s joined forces with Joe Ariwa (Mad Professor’s son) to cook up ten roots reggae and dub tracks, for the Adam Prescott meets Joe Ariwa LP.  Stabs of ghostly piano echoes complement a well-crafted running bassline throughout; a heavy beat that really pushes through in more dub-oriented tunes such as River Trent Dub and Nottingham Skank. While Adam might have been away, his roots were never forgotten. Will Ryan

Dim Bulbs
Fresh from a raucous performance at Waterfront Festival, this six-track EP, packed with offbeat chugging riffs and growling vocals, looks set to stamp Dim Bulbs’ name on Nottingham’s DIY scene. Apertiif might be the band’s first EP, but it’s not come at the cost of quality, and the record perfectly showcases their no-frills noise-rock sound. Like any live band, I’m sure these tunes are best heard in their raw, natural habitat, so watch out for their name on late-night lineups to get the full experience. Eileen Pegg

Harleighblu, Bluestaeb 
Mistajam named Harleighblu the “new queen of hip-hop soul” and six years later, with her fourth album release, the Nottingham singer-songwriter isn’t letting that crown slip. She offers thirteen contemporary jazz cuts crafted alongside neo-soul producer, Bluestaeb. Harleighblu opens her heart and lays down honest, story-fuelled lyrics, depicted through her irresistible vocal style that’s up there with the jazz greats. Tales for women at crossroads, told in powerful, groove-inducing ways, it depicts everything from time between the sheets to full-blown cheats. Listen and feel empowered. Eileen Pegg

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